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Axis of Logic Reader, Joseph responds with resolve and wisdom. ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Joseph (Axis of Logic Reader)
Axis of Logic
Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012

Editor's Note: Axis Reader Joseph comments on the article we re-published yesterday - The New York Times and the drive to war against Iran | Media Critiques | - LMB

How saddening... Many of us in the U.S. (the people working day to day) see ourselves slipping down this well-oiled, known road of aggression, as the lies continue unabated; and in truth- don’t know what to do. Mr. Grey is on the money:

"the article serves a definite and sinister purpose: to provide the pretexts and condition public opinion for a preemptive and unprovoked war of aggression”

I guess we keep at it: our writing, our anger, our exposing- however that may be for each of us in our day to day realities. As I’ve stated in other posts, ‘fighting’ this brilliant global darkness sure seems futile- where does one really begin?

Maybe I’m off base posting on Axis-of-Logic -and I’ll consider moving on- but I’d like to say this before I’m perhaps bounced: I exist only for spiritual awareness through our inner-natures with zero religious affiliation. ‘Everything' offered through mystic-poets, suppressed gospels, Gnostics, etc, (and my experience) speaks to turning inward... because (it is said) one cannot 'defeat' darkness or evil in this world.

Look at our entire human history: We’ve been kicking the shit outta each other since we began. ‘Fighting’ darkness is to empower it; violence begets violence.Turning inward is to learn to heal the inner-fire that is in each of us, so that the experience of (genuine) inner-love can allegedly flow to ‘embrace’ (transform) this outer-darkness running amok in our ‘sensible,’ pragmatic world.

This is the 'spiritual' practice long suppressed by the dark powers through our religious institutions. And what else do we call these corporate/monarch/ecclesiastical powers if not darkness? Yes, somewhere this may all seem naive and even silly but so does ‘fighting’ power that has never lost...

In terms of posting on this news site- remember this: Even Starfleet Captains have spiritual counselors and/or advisers. :)

Without agenda, I’m just offering an idea from the other-side to say there are those of us in the trenches doing some ‘tuff’ work that promises a happy tomorrow. Is it true? We don’t know; we’re busy and it seems to be working.

Blessings to all.

I guess we keep writing and bitching

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