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Apologies Of An Economic Hitman - English Subtitles for Spanish parts. Printer friendly page Print This
By John Perkins, former Economic Hitman
Lynx Productions S.A., Athens Greece
Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Long time reader, friend and supporter of Axis of Logic, Ed Dake sent this film documentary to us with the following words: "You owe it to your children or future family to pass on what youve learned from this man's confessions ..."

John Perkins' book and subsequent film reveals the ways in which the US-led Global Corporate Empire (GCE) has for the last 68 years (since WWII) pillaged the world for the wealth of the few and devastation of the billions of ordinary people who have fallen beneath it's wheels. With his book (2004) and film (2008), Perkins brought new information and focus to the GCE tracks crisscossing the countries of Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and Iraq even as the prints of its hooves can be seen throughout Asia, Africa and today in Syria. He shows their strategy of first introducing the Economic Hitmen to gain economic control of a country and when that fails to achieve their mission, bringing in the Jackals (assassins) and when the Jackals fail: war - bombing, invasion, terrorism, occupation and theft.

Surely not as an indulgence but only attempting to describe the power of this film, please allow me to share a couple of my personal reactions. The first was a sense of the burden this man carries after bringing about the suffering of so many in his work for the corporations, banks and US government. It's doubtful that any book, film or confessions can significantly lighten that burden and he appears to acknowledge this. The second is that for those who prize justice, peace, democracy in the world, viewing this film will probably be an emotional experience. Viewing this film was very emotional for me personally and not because of the violence of the United States against it's victims for domination; I already knew the essentials of that, albeit not some of the details. Rather, it was emotional for me to see once again the courage, strength and resolve of the people in Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and Iraq to rid their countries of the cancers of the IMF, World Bank and US presence in their countries.

Today we are seeing the same qualities in extraordinary people throughout the world, the Muslim world, and particularly in Latin America. In the film you will see them - and the face of evil wearing the mask of democracy and cynical promises of alleviating poverty in red, white and blue. As one who lives out his life in Venezuela the film also gave me new appreciation for the courage, morality and wisdom of our late president, Hugo Chavez to confront, outmaneuver and defeat the United States in Venezuela with a peaceful and democratic revolution against seemingly impossible odds. That battle continues now under the government led by President Nicolas Maduro.

The film's parts which are spoken in Spanish are subtitled in English. It was produced by Lynx Productions S.A., Athens Greece in 2008, thus the Greek subtitles for the portions spoken in English.

- Les Blough in Venezuela


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