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Alien flies away Printer friendly page Print This
By Narges Rothermel
Submitted by Author
Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014

You had me with your first Na-nu, Na-nu
Wondered, how you were going to survive on my planet
You were fascinated by Kiss, a human-trend,
so was I
Did you ever unlock the mystery?
I was then a newcomer with my own concerns
When you stood on your head, I understood
I had come from other side of planet-earth,
trying to converse in new codes exploring culture
of the new-world
Eventually both, adopted this land as our home
Tracing evolving-phases of your journey,
at triumphant and humbling stages, either on or off
the screens, make believe stories, and tales,
I could see in your eyes could sense in your humor
some pained-emotions that you masked with skill and style
I wonder if the failed relations, failed marriage, failed health
or failed promises of earthlings wounded your alien-soul
Perhaps burden of good and evil, capacity of human’s hunger
to kill another human so casually in name of God, for greed, for land,
or for no reason at all, was too heavy on your fragile human-heart
Perhaps, you couldn’t tolerate inequalities, racism, hatred,
and never achieved freedom that poison this planet
Perhaps, you couldn’t believe,
why humans value some lives so high while devalue the others
I wonder if slaughtering of children time after time,
here, over there, was too ugly to accept
In the end fame and money couldn’t mend your broken parts
Humor, booze, and drugs couldn’t mask your flawed emotions
No one could save you from yourself
You were done with complicated life on planet-earth
Fly away my favorite-alien, fly away
Find Peace in another make-believe-bright-star
or in depth of Dark matter
Na-nu, Na-nu, Mork from Ork, Na-nu, Na-nu.

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