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By Regina Guarisco
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004


Medals and a wedding ring
Blood spills
On muddy foreign soil.
A young boy dies
For another�s fight for oil.
Enlisted at 19,
A baby girl on the way,
His wife is now a widow
And that child lost her father today.
He�ll be buried
With his medals and wedding ring,
Just another puppet
And our government held the string.
Our country loses yet another youth
But our oil tyrants are satisfied;
So what if lives are shattered
And innocent people died.
There will be
Another boy to fill his stead
And another boy
To needlessly end up dead.
We are making a stand
And trying to save our youth from slaughter
Because we know that grave could be
Our brothers, sisters, sons or daughters.

(Regina Guarisco is a regular reader of Axis of Logic and our youngest contributor to the website.)

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