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Nothing great about claiming you're first if you AREN'T first ... Printer friendly page Print This
By Paul Richard Harris, Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Friday, Jun 10, 2016

No, Hillary Clinton is not the first woman to be nominated by a political party for president. Victoria Woodhull was, and she didn't even have the right to vote, nor did her running mate, Frederick Douglass. Her story is a hell of a lot more inspiring than Hillary Clinton's. Victoria Woodhull wasn't part of a political machine, she was a champion of women's suffrage at a time when such a notion was extraordinarily unpopular.

In fact, there have been at least 9 women besides Woodhull nominated by their party to run for president:
  • Jill Stein (twice) - Green Party
  • Lenora Fulani (twice) - New Alliance Party
  • Cynthia McKinley - Green Party
  • Linda Jenness - Socialist Workers' Party
  • Sonia Johnson - Citizens' Party
  • Roseanne Barr - Peace and Freedom Party
  • Margaret Wright - People's Party
  • Gracie Allen - Surprise Party
  • Ellen McCormack - Right to Life Party
In fact, as of today, Clinton has not received her party's nomination - she's just telling everybody she has.

I know you could argue that none of the parties represented by the other women are 'major' parties - but then you'd have to defend the proposition that the Democratic Party IS a 'major' party. There certainly isn't any obvious evidence for that ...

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