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Super Power Conflict migrates to Caribbean Printer friendly page Print This
By Arturo Rosales writes from Caracas
Axis of Logic
Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017

US aggression against the revolutionary government of Venezuela has taken on many forms since the rise to power of Hugo Chávez in February 1999. Some examples are:

  • General strikes
  • Coup d’état in 2002
  • Oil industry sabotage in 2002 – 2003
  • More than a decade long media campaign to discredit the government both nationally and internationally
  • Electricity sabotage
  • Water supply sabotage
  • Calls for the armed forces to rebel
  • US blockade to stop supply of spare parts to US purchased F15’s
  • Financial blockade to stop the government accessing international loans
  • Use of Rating Agencies to pump up Venezuela’s risk level
  • Attack on the local currency to trigger inflation and cause a popular rebellion by exporting cash currency out of the country and disabling the electronic payments system to cripple al retail commerce as happened on 1 December last year.
  • Attempts to have the Inter American Democratic Charter imposed by the OAS
  • Reduction in food production and smuggling of food and medicines to Colombia in order to break the spirit of the people and cause them to rebel
  • Infiltration of paramilitaries into the barrios as “sleepers” to carry out selective assassinations of chavistas
  • Supplying of drugs in the barrios to the youth causing gang wars and consequent internecine killings
  • Supply of arms to criminal gangs and their conspiring with the opposition to cause violence and chaos in urban areas
  • Violent street demonstrations in 2004 and 2014 to disrupt social functioning and cohesion. In 2014, 43 people were killed in these demonstrations.

This is an incomplete list of how Venezuela has been destabilized since 2001 and many of these attacks continue to this very day with the added ingredient of the National Assembly under control of the fascists.

The fascist opposition is trying to destabilize the country by the destitution and even impeachment of the democratically elected President in the same way as happened in Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil. There is no constitutional provision for such actions by the National Assembly acting on its own as it has to have the acquiescence of the Supreme Court and the Office of the Citizens Defender in order to impeach.

A Catalogue of Failure

All the actions in the list detailed above have failed and no neoliberal government has come to pass with the aim of handing over control of Venezuela’s oil and gas reserves to US multi-nationals. This is the primary reason for all the destabilization taking place as Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves on the planet.

After so many years of failure there are only two options left open to the US backed opposition to cause enough chaos to grab power. Assassinate the President or convince the US or even NATO to invade Venezuela to complete their aim of regime change.

The chances of an assassination attempt cannot be ruled out but it has come to our notice in recent weeks that there could indeed be the threat of military aggression against Venezuela.

On January 14 a massive civic-military mobilization was held throughout Venezuela as a rehearsal for defending the homeland. This implies that the government is sending signals to whomever that the country is ready to defend itself.

Venezuela’s Allies demonstrate support

But around the same time another albeit symbolic defense appeared in the form of communiqué by the Russian Foreign Ministry stating that “external interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs is unacceptable” and that “the keys are respect for the democratically elected government of Nicolás Maduro and peaceful dialogue”. The Russian navy’s advanced aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, is being sent to the Caribbean to support Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua against any form of military aggression.

It was also revealed in another news wire that apparently flew under the radar of the corporate media that China has also diverted an aircraft carrier and escort group of frigates and supply ships to Caribbean waters in response to the above mentioned Russian support “in case of US military aggression against Venezuela”.

A real threat or other reasons

Does this action by two of the world’s super powers in support of their Caribbean allies indicate that their intelligence services have picked up information that a latent military threat exists against Venezuela? After all, destabilization leading to regime change in Venezuela has cost the US billions of dollars with nothing to show for its investment after 16 years - except for control of a National Assembly that is in contempt of the Venezuelan Supreme Court and hence to all intents and purposes, illegal and inoperative.

On the other hand could it be that both Russia and China are encroaching on what has been traditionally the US back yard after the US has a fleet in the South China Sea harassing China’s sovereign claim over the Spratly and Paracel Islands.

At the same time the US continues to threaten Russia with missiles strategically located in Rumania and sending tanks, personnel carriers and troops to Russia’s western border for NATO military exercises?

Whatever the reasons, the sound of war drums beating can be heard in the distance as the super powers, all with nuclear arsenals, jockey for position on the world’s geostrategic chessboard.

The super power conflict appears to have finally migrated to the warm waters of the Caribbean to open up another geopolitical front.

Here is a video of the international TV program Dossier aired daily on Venezuelan National TV and Telesur and run by presenter Walter Martinez.

In it Martinez explains the potential war for oil against Venezuela and its whys and wherefores; the surrounding of Venezuela by US military bases in Colombia and the Caribbean and reads the communiqué from the Russian Foreign Ministry in defense of Venezuela and the news about the Chinese carrier group heading for the Caribbean.

CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, BBC – why did you not run this story?

Note:this video is in Spanish and so for non-Spanish speakers just turn on the subtitles and the translation tool into English or your preferred language to understand this eye opening 10 minute broadcast.



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