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No, Trump Did Not Make a Mistake in Yemen Printer friendly page Print This
By David Swanson, Let's Try Democracy
The Smirking Chimp
Saturday, Feb 4, 2017

I gather these are the features people have concerns about in the recent U.S. raid in Yemen.
  1. It was fought on the ground rather than from the air.
  2. An American died.
  3. The American was a Navy SEAL Team 6 member, more valuable than other Americans.
  4. Trump approved it instead of Obama.
  5. Trump didn't have "proper" "intelligence."
  6. Trump had the wrong accomplices in the room.
  7. Trump wasn't in the room.
  8. The U.S. hasn't declared war against Yemen.
  9. Trump, who is legally responsible for this crime, sounds like an intoxicated idiot.
  10. Last and certainly least, a bit too many children and women were killed.
May I respectfully request everyone pushing these ideas to stick a "Make America Great Again" hat in their mouth and eat it?

What in the hell is the matter with you people?

War is a crime. War is murder. Murder is a crime. What if Trump were articulate? What if he had the right damn intelligence, as Obama supposedly did during the past 8 years of murdering men, women, and children? If you bomb them from on high are they less murdered than if you do it from the ground? How many dead foreigners are worth one American? or one member of the criminal enterprise called Navy SEAL Team 6? The United States hasn't declared war since 1941. Every war is criminal under Kellogg-Briand and under the United Nations Charter. Every murder of every human being in a war, regardless of age or gender, is an immoral and criminal murder.

Are you the same people who are starting to care about refugees from U.S. wars? Are you utterly incapable of caring about ending the wars that create the refugees by killing their loved ones?

I'm sure the sheets are comfortable, but as you sleep actual monsters are approaching your bed. Please, please, please -- PLEASE -- wake the fuck up!

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