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Hey You, White House Ha, Ha, Charade You Are Printer friendly page Print This
By John Rohn Hall
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Friday, Mar 10, 2017

When Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame wrote "Pigs (Three Different Ones)", he was referring to people he considered to be frauds and threats to civil society.  One of the three was Mary Whitehouse, who was a relentless critic of any activity outside what was considered to be proper British decorum.  The title of this piece begins the verse of the song which criticizes and mocks Mary Whitehouse.  But enough about Mary.  These lyrics were chosen to criticize and mock the White House and its chief occupant in Washington, D.C.  The election/selection of Donald Trump to the highest office of the land has created incessant havoc and confusion, produced unlikely alliances where none had existed before, and on a personal level, pushed me into the twilight zone of the lunatic fringe where my only cadres seem to be the echoes of my own voice.

The Donald Trump Fan Club is made up of an improbable assortment of strange bedfellows indeed.  His fraud and charade have inspired and invigorated a vast majority of alt-right, skinhead, Nazis for all obvious reasons.  Oddly, on the far-left, a large contingent of my brethren; Internationalists/Socialists/Communists are convinced that the fledgling president, in spite of his overtly racist/fascist agenda, is fighting the good fight against neoliberal/neoconservative establishment warmongers.  And, of course, the core group of The Donald's supporters is what Hillary lovingly referred to as the "basket of deplorables".  They love Trump because they're fed up with the lies and empty promises of career politicians, and see him as an outsider... a politically incorrect businessman who came out of nowhere to put an end to the D.C. status quo.  This group tends to be downwardly mobile, Caucasian, xenophobic, Obamaphobic, and mostly just tired of seeing blackish faces in The White House.

Trump's critics and detractors form an exponentially more enigmatic consortium.  Apparently he's hated by the entire U.S. Intelligence/U.S. Military community. A likely death sentence (at least politically) for anyone occupying The Oval Office.  The Trumpster's ongoing battle with the Fake News Mainstream Media is legendary.  Wall Street has allegedly favored war-sow Hillary over the bloviating billionaire from the get-go.  By all accounts he's loathed by anyone who considers him(her)self a neoliberal Democrat, and nearly as virulently despised by rank and file neocon Republicans.  If the world's population could be polled, Trump would likely be voted the most widely disliked U.S. President in history, except with Russians.  The vast majority of U.S. Citizens who claim membership in the "I Hate Trump Club" are well-meaning, socially conscious folks who would define themselves as Liberals, but who have not yet discovered that The D.N.C. is not the answer to the mirror-image criminals in The G.O.P.  And then there's me.  I detest Trump alongside the best of them, but my reasons are far removed from any mainstream.  Like I said:  The twilight zone of the lunatic fringe.

Ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages...welcome to The Greatest Show in Empire!  Behold in the center ring, The President of The United States, Donald John Trump.  Keep your eyes upon him at all times, for he's the Grand Master of Fraud, Charade, and Illusion.  Where The Donald dares to tread, nothing is as it seems.  If you enjoyed The Barack Obama Show, brought to you by our friends in The C.I.A. and The Deep State, you'll gasp in wonder at The Trump Extravaganza.  It's the end of the world as we know it, and don't'll feel fine when you learn to stop worrying and love The Donald.

If Donald Trump still occupies The White House a year from now, the world will have real reason to embrace my theory, and that theory is this:  Donald Trump was groomed and chosen by The Deep State.  He did not ride into office, as widely believed, on a wave of populism, and his spats with the MSM, The U.S. Military, American Intelligence, members of his own party, and others, are simply circus.  It was no mistake that those who pull all the strings of Empire chose a blowhard, billionaire, conservative actor to play the part of president.  It was circus through the campaign and debates, it was circus through the election/selection, and now the Main Event has begun.

Does anybody really still believe that the results of U.S. elections are determined by voters?  If The C.I.A. and The Deep State didn't want Trump, we'd have President Hillary.  Votes are tallied electronically, with altered totals easily created by any savvy twelve-year-old.  If The U.S. Military and Wall Street had really wanted Hillary, The Donald would be gearing up for another episode of The Apprentice.  Look at what he's managed to accomplish in a short time period.  He's the dream president of many who claim to be at odds with him.  The wet dream of Cheney and his gang of AngloZionists at The Project for a New American Century.  The hero of Wall Street and poster-boy of The Pentagon.  A bright star in the skies above Conservative Christianville.  Undoubtedly the MSM Fake News Complex is enjoying the circus as ratings climb, in eager anticipation of the next exciting act.    

U.S. stock markets have soared to dizzying, record heights as industry is being deregulated and stripped of all constraints.  Trump's campaign promises indicated that he'd end U.S. wars of aggression, but he's already promising The Pentagon a hefty raise.  This as he places new sanctions on Iran, works toward the elimination of The E.P.A. and The Department of Education.  This as he gives the green light to DAPL, Keystone, and all future oil disasters in the making.  This as he works to defund Planned Parenthood and Sanctuary Cities, criminalize abortion, and emasculate unions.  This as he strives to repeal The Affordable Care Act and rules protecting wildlife.  All this as he beefs up The Airport Gestapo, U.S. Border Patrol, kicks a plan into high gear for a BIG, BIG Border Wall, and administers a giant dose of testosterone to The Police State.  Not to forget what an inspiration he's been to multiple state legislatures, now in the process of dismantling civil liberties and criminalizing dissent.

Far and away one of my favorite acts in the circus is The Embrace Russia/Eschew China Routine.  A last-ditch effort of Empire to break up BRICS, drive a wedge between Russia and China, maintain petrodollar supremacy, while dividing and conquering the last great alliance standing in the way of total world domination.  Brilliant!  I cried 'til I laughed.

So  here's a big "Thank You!" going out to the men and women behind the curtain...The Ringmasters of The Greatest Show in Empire.  I've been a spectator since the middle of the last century.  The false flags have flown non-stop throughout my lifetime.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Gulf of Tonkin and bloody wars in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.  The assassinations of 3 Kennedys, Evers, X, King, Wellstone, and a host of foreign leaders were spectacles to behold.  The host of fascists you've installed in the highest offices in The U.S.A. and across the globe have been extremely entertaining.  The Bushes, Clinton, Obama, The Shah, Pinochet, The Duvaliers...and the list does go on.  Of course, the 9-11 Extravaganza has to be a tough act to follow, what with the resulting War on Terrorism, The Airport Gestapo, endless wars for profit in a host of mostly Mideast and African countries, unbridled Islamophobia, the giant boost for Wall Street's WMD Industry, Prisons for Profit, and the Security/Surveillance/Gun Industries.  Our Founding Fathers would be proud (really!).

In Donald Trump's U.S.A., the cattle are in their feedlots, the pigs in their pens, the chickens in their mega-coops, and soon U.S. Citizens will be imprisoned by a multi-billion dollar wall.  Our travel becomes increasingly restricted as more angry countries impose visa restrictions and cease treating us like the exceptional people we aren't and never have been.  The Ringmasters of The Greatest Show in Empire now have all their animal resources under control.  Beef, pork, chicken, and labor must be managed and conserved.  The Grand Master of Fraud, Charade, and Illusion was well-chosen by our Overlords in The Deep State.  The poverty which has long gripped the rest of the world is coming soon to a neighborhood near you, as our safety nets of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are trashed, minimum wage is demolished, and U.S. Citizens discover, too late, that they've been trumped.

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