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3 reasons why reports of a Syrian chemical weapons attack on Idlib are fake news Printer friendly page Print This
By Adam Garrie
The Duran
Friday, Apr 7, 2017

The lack of objectivity is staggering.

The allegations can scarcely be taken serious for the following reasons:

1. Syria Does Not Have Chemical Weapons 

Not only did the Syrian government deny using chemical weapons, but they released a statement stating that the Syrian military

“…has not and does not use them, not in the past and not in the future, because it does not have them in the first place”.

In 2013, a report from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons-UN Joint Mission in Syria, concluded that all chemical weapons have been removed from Syria. The mission was overseen by both the United States and Russia with the cooperation of the Syrian government.

However, since then, various terrorist groups operating in Syria have used chemical weapons, including poisonous sarin gas. Chemical weapons have been discovered across territories of Syria that were once held by terrorist forces. Throughout much of  the Syrian conflict, politically motivated sources have accused Syria and her allies of using chemical weapons, in spite of the fact that the opposite is true.

2. Russia Did Not Conduct Any Air Strikes on Idlib 

A statement from the Russian military has confirmed that Russian planes have not been present anywhere in the Idlib Governorate. This exposes any allegations relating to Russian involvement in any event in Idlib as entirely fabricated.

3. Fake News from Fake Sources 

The initial Reuters report on the event cites the UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as its source. This organisation has been widely discredited as a propaganda outlet that has few actual contacts in Syria, if any.

Because few western mainstream media reporters are on the ground anywhere in Syria, much of the information reported as factual accounts of events, is received from deeply biased and politicised sources pushing an agenda. In other words, pro-terrorist NGOs and other organisations feed mainstream media with disinformation that is passed on as fact.

The absurdity of the latest allegation against Syria and her allies, is yet another example of how fake news has developed during the Syrian war. It is a simple matter of totally unreliable sources being cited as deliverers of fact, without anyone in major outlets questioning their veracity.

This is what has allowed the false narrative about Syria to become pervasive in Europe and the establishment English language press.

Source: The Duran

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