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Trudeau Sucks: Act Out! - Episode 107 Printer friendly page Print This
By Eleanor Goldfield
Sunday, Apr 16, 2017

This week on Act Out, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau resembles a body double for Prince Eric in "The Little Mermaid." His easy-on-the-eyes charm and wet pink shirt appearance at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade make him look like a progressive's wet dream. Unfortunately, all he’s doing is making neoliberalism sexy again (or for the first time). Just like neoliberalism here in the States, Trudeau’s policies are drenched in oil and blood. Be it anti-immigration policies with a smile, or oil pipelines with a hug for a First Nation member, Trudeau is ramping up conservative policies that place profit over people and planet. Here are 6 reasons why Trudeau isn’t all his warm smile and heartfelt tweets make him out to be; here are 6 reasons why he’s this week’s low life scum.

In other Canadian news, Climate System Scientist Paul Beckwith joins us to talk about the changing climate. Sharing his expertise on the poles and the oceans, Beckwith explains what is happening right now – from the inability of new ice to form to the rapid and horrific acidification of the oceans – and what these issues mean for those of us who live in neither the poles nor the ocean. Next, Beckwith talks solutions. We’re well past the nonchalant “bike to work” quick fix. What we’re looking at now is a combination of policy changes and geoengineering technology. Realistically, we can’t avoid all the severe effects of climate change. But we CAN mitigate some of the worst – if we act quickly and efficiently.

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