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Act Out! - Episode 113 Printer friendly page Print This
By Eleanor Goldfield
Sunday, May 28, 2017

This week on Act Out, what is free speech? It’s a phrase that gets thrown around an awful lot and yet it’s one that ends up feeling and sounding so hollow – an empty vessel to pour your frustration into then use as a shield against would-be adversaries. And as we see, a big part of this is in the digital realm; thanks to Net Neutrality, anyone and everyone can voice their opinions, however horrendous or legitimate they might be. While I want to see the internet stay open, is there a line to be drawn between opinion and overt threat? When does the legal system step in? How far does free speech extend in the collegiate world? What about hate speech vs. free speech? And what’s to be said against the money bags ironically buying free speech? Should we consider the fact that because we now effectively live in an oligarchy, even such tenets as free speech are for sale to the highest bidder, which is obviously not you or me? Plenty of questions, and in this week’s fucked fact, we dive for some answers.

Also, you’ll get a quick preview of our interview with Margaret Kimberley, columnist for the Black Agenda Report.

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