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Act Out! - Episode 114 Printer friendly page Print This
By Eleanor Goldfield
Sunday, Jun 4, 2017

This week on Act Out!, you've seen them on TV: black-clad activists marching against and even openly fighting with neo-Nazis, nationalists, and white supremacists. Since the election, antifascists have seemingly been everywhere online and in the media. Some call them terrorists, while others call them heroes, but really they're just humans like you and me. Humans who hate fascism.

Who are the antifa, where did they come from, and what, really, is fascism anyway? A question that's no longer simply academic, across the U.S. and indeed in Europe, too: Far-right forces are growing in power. Whether they call themselves "nationalists" or claim to be opposed to "radical" Islam while targeting innocent Muslims with threats and violence, the bad old days are coming back 'round again.

Next up, Beyond Extreme Energy fights the fossil fuel-friendly Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC. Four members of the coalition group were arrested at the commissioner hearing in D.C. last week—three were held overnight and one protester locked down to a chair—showing us how it’s really done when you want to shut it down.

Finally, anarchist, author and organizer scott crow joins us to talk about the difference between anarchism and anti-fascism. This is a preview of our longer interview, which will air next week.

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