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Breaking: Canada to take over New World Order Printer friendly page Print This
By Jim Miles
Submitted by author
Saturday, Jun 10, 2017

Two speeches in Canada’s Parliament have announced that Canada is stepping up the aggressiveness of its foreign policy and is intending to take over leadership of the New World Order. It is going to do this both with an upgraded military and by taking over the leadership of NATO, the WTO, World Bank, and other Washington consensus institutions generated from the Bretton Woods agreements, as well as taking over the UN Security Council. 

Foreign policy

Canada’s Foreign Policy Minister Chrystia Freeland emphasized in her speech repetitively that Canada has enjoyed the benefits of a “global order based on rules” with “respect for the rule of law”. To be sure, “Canadian diplomacy and development sometimes require the backing of hard power. Force is always a last resort.” This is best illustrated by Canada’s reluctance to not attack Afghanistan as part of the U.S. coalition of the willing, to not bomb Serbian civilian structures, nor citizens or civil structures of Libya. 

The global order based on rules has at its core the notion of “territorial integrity”, developed from a long history from Westphalia through the Versailles Peace after WW I, followed by Nuremberg and  the UN declaration that all wars are illegal. Canada shares this rules-based order as indicated above with Serbia and Libya, but to be extended to the peoples of the Crimea who twice voted to leave the Ukraine but were denied, and to the people of the Donbas who were threatened with ethnic cleansing by the ultra right wing militias headed in part by Arseniy Yatsenyuk. 

Ms Freeland argues that Canada faces threats from outside our country such as “civil war, poverty, drought and natural disasters….spawning destabilizing mass migrations.” She gives a brief rundown of Canada’s commitments to rule of law: starting with the Suez crisis where Canada used UN approved force to maintain leverage over the Arab countries; the Korean War wherein UN authorized U.S. forces were determined to prevent the unification of Korea resulting in the almost complete annihilation of all structures in the north; the Congo, destabilized by the CIA assassination of of Patrice Lumumba, where Canada participated in UN offensive military actions; and as mentioned above, bombing Serbia and Libya. 

As a basis for Canada’s policy, Israel is used as an example of a country that faces “a clear and immediate existential challenge” which is why “they need to spend on military and foreign policy. And they know why….” because their occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian people creates a lot of domestic disruption in the region, making it awkward to use any of its estimated 200 nuclear weapons on itself against land it has recently occupied in order to annex it. Canada too will secretly develop its own nuclear force: on August 19, 2016, Canada’s Liberal government of Justin Trudeau “voted against the adoption of a United Nations report...that recommended negotiations for a global treaty banning nuclear weapons.”

As indicated by Ms Freeland, the U.S. “has come to question the very worth of its mantle of global leadership.” After seven decades of “shared peace and prosperity” in which the U.S. “has truly been the indispensable nation,” resulting in a “stable predictable international order”.

Because Canada uses force last instead of diplomacy, “there can be no clearer sign that NATO and Article 5 are at the heart of Canada’s national policy.” Thus the mantle of global leadership is assumed by Canada’s armed forces. In her concluding statements, she says if we “do not implicate ourselves in the furtherance of peace and stability in the world, that will be left to the Great Powers to settle among themselves. This would not be in Canada’s interest.” China and Russia have been duly forewarned about Canada’s assumption of the U.S.’ international role.

Military spending increase

The day after Freeland’s speech, Canada’s Minister of Defence, Harjit Sajjan, presented Canada’s new military posture, omitting of course any mention of our stealth nuclear weapons.

The new military plan that is “necessary for Canada’s security” is titled “Strong, Secure, Engaged” with one of its major components being the “Total Health and Wellness” plan. The physical components of this plan call for an increase in spending, in part to assist the mental health of returning veterans. As one Afghanistan veteran said before committing suicide, “I cannot go to sleep, Mom, because as soon as I close my eyes that’s what I see, okay? People being blown up. Little kids with grenades. The blood. You can’t imagine the blood that I’ve seen over there.”

Other components concern more hardware. This is to include 88 new fighter jets, but whether they are to be the incompetent F-35s from the U.S. or, at half the price, the tested and proven Sukhoi Su-35 is still open for debate (maybe). For the navy, 15 new replacement frigates and destroyers will be built to increase Canada’s naval capacity to 15 operational ships. 

As with Freeland, Sajjan’s policy states that “NATO remains essential” as “we have much to offer the cause of global peace, stability, and prosperity.” Because Canada has much experience with abuses of its own indigenous population, “human rights” remains high on our list, and Canada will deal with the abuses of such in Saudi Arabia and Palestine.

As Canada strengthens its military in order to assume its proper mantle as leaders of the free world, operating with international rules of law as conceived by the WTO, the World Bank, the UN and NATO, our “modern peacekeeping requires well-armed and trained troops operating in complex zones of armed conflict.” Global health and wellness depends on it. 

The New World Order has risen, and it is us. 

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