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Act Out - Episode 116 Printer friendly page Print This
By Eleanor Goldfield
Monday, Jun 19, 2017

This week on Act Out! June is pride month and as all facets of the rainbow come together to take part in the festivities, it's worth a pause and remind as to why we pride – why June and why the fight must stay alive – not just because of overt homophobia or trans hate but because of the more covert takeover of pride by forces who care very little for human rights or progress. We're diving into the history of the LGBTQIA movement and talking roots, resistance, and the creeping corporatization of the fight for human, for LGBTQIA rights.

Next up, what do deaf whales have to do with climate change? As Trump opens up the Atlantic for seismic testing, we cover what seismic testing means for not only marine mammals but what it’s a precursor to. Finally, every. single. oil. project. leaks. Regardless of how “small” a spill or leak is, it has devastating effects - and for the most part, leaks are wildly underreported - here’s why and here’s the scoop on how much oil we’re really leaking. 

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