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Act Out - Episode 118 Printer friendly page Print This
By Eleanor Goldfield
Sunday, Jul 9, 2017

Given the ongoing wars, the refugee crisis and multiple players for profit such as the U.S., you might not think that in northern Syria, in what's known as the Rojava region, there is a revolution happening. A revolution of thought – a socio-political paradigm shift, a veritable overhaul of hierarchical thinking in favor of flat structure, feminist, anti-capitalist community building. You might not think that'd be happening – but it is, has been and will continue – even as these communities find themselves bordered by Syrian rebels, ISIS, Assad's troops, our troops, Turkish troops and more. Because this fight isn't just for their land and their lives, it is for their WAY of life – for ideas that place the people above the mechanism of a capitalist state; ideas that place women next to men, not behind; ideas that demand autonomy not dictatorial legislation. Ideas that go against not only the armies that they fight but the entire global system that created those enemies and profit off their wars. For more on the Rojava revolution, we sat down with Kurdish Women's Movement activist and PhD candidate at Cambridge University, Dilar Dirik.

First up, though, we dive into the fight for Net Neutrality and why it's so incredibly important regardless of who you are, where you are or what you do for work or play. We’ll also tell you how you can get involved both online and offline in the fight to keep access to the internet open and not let telecoms take over. Also on the front lines this week, activists around the world call for their countries to Stop Arming Israel.

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