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So who's counting the votes in Venezuela? Printer friendly page Print This
By Arturo Rosales in Caracas
Axis of Logic
Tuesday, Jul 18, 2017

There was an interview Monday afternoon on Union Radio (Opposition) with Oscar Schemel of polling firm Hinterlaces.

He revealed that the research of his company on Sunday during the voting was as follows:
Plebescito [Opposition non-binding vote]: 2.5 million estimate
Simulacro: [government 'dry run'] 5+ million
The CNE [Venezuela's voting overseer] should give an accurate simulacro figure soon, but the plebescuto was multiplied by 3 as there were three questions on the ballot paper - so the opposition counted each answer as one vote.

In addition, in the 7.2 million figure bandied about by the media, there were 930,000 nil votes which the Opposition included.

The Opposition did not have time to count and, even less, audit the voting results. They just made up numbers to suit their supporters. They then gave the media the made-up numbers before burning all the records of people who registered to vote with them, along with the ballot papers.

According to the Opposition, 630,000 Venezuelans allegedly voted from outside the country when, in fact, there are only 101,000 registered to vote.

In his interview Schemel said that the popular vote - even as a simulation before the main event on 30 July - as a protest against the violence, guarimbas, deaths, street blocking and insurrection against the government caused and urged by the Opposition.

Schemel clearly differentiated between the social class of voter in the simulacro - poor, having a hard time due to inflation - and the middle class voters in the plebescito who are people who still eat 3 times a day and who fear that the poor are "getting too close to them".

This is social racism incarnate.

Schemel also said that the Opposition plan had backfired and pushed more people to vote for peace even though the government had not handled the economy well, but at least was offering and trying to implement solutions, whereas the Opposition banner was "Maduro, vete ya", exactly as they tried with Chávez 15 years earlier.

Yesterday the Opposition revealed its plans for this week which include naming Supreme Court Judges to replace the current ones and a general strike for 24 hours on Thursday.

They want to name new CNE directors and this, along with the judges, is akin to an institutional coup. So they continue with their insurrection plans in the hope and expectation that foreign powers will recognize their "parallel government".

Bearing in mind that the Opposition deputies are behind this, they will need to execute this plan in short order, since as soon as the ANC [constituent assembly] is formed after July 30th, you can bet that parliamentary immunity will be abolished and new laws created giving people who call for coups 40 years in jail with no parole.

The Opposition, as far as I know, has not called for guarimbas this week [yet] as they may have come to the conclusion that they may lose more votes.

Consider this - in the federal election (December 2015), the Opposition gained 7.74 million votes. It looks as if they have lost 5 million votes due to the violence.

Watch this space.

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