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'Terrorist attack' on military base in Venezuela foiled Printer friendly page Print This
By Staff Writers, RT
Monday, Aug 7, 2017

Authorities in Venezuela have announced they thwarted a "terrorist attack" on a military base not far from the capital, Caracas. The statement comes after a group of men in military uniforms released a video announcing an uprising against President Nicolas Maduro.

Fort Paramacay, near the central city of Valencia, was attacked by "mercenary terrorist groups," Venezuelan official, Socialist Party deputy Diosdado Cabello tweeted on Sunday.

Gunshots were heard in the area during the night, Reuters reported, citing a witness in the area of the military base in the town of Naguanagua.

The official said the base was "fully under control" of the authorities.

Armed men were trying to steal weapons, Reuters reported, citing officials. Seven people were detained, while security forces continue to search for more attackers from the group.

The news of the attack came shortly after a video was released on social media, showing a group of men in military uniform. A man who identified himself as Juan Carlos Caguaripano, a former National Guard captain, called for an uprising against the government, demanding the "immediate formation of a transition government."

Military officials announced on Sunday the attackers were "a group of civilians dressed in military uniforms," headed by a former army lieutenant. The man was dismissed from the service three years ago "for treason and mutiny," the military said in a statement, adding that he reportedly fled the country and was hiding out in the US.

On Friday, a controversial new legislative body was inaugurated in Venezuela, tasked with rewriting the constitution and empowered to dissolve the current parliament. The formation of the new assembly has been widely criticized by opposition forces, who say it is aimed at stripping them of power.

The opposition has also defied a ban on public protests, and denounced the recent election in the country as a power grab by President Maduro. Meanwhile, the US government targeted several senior Venezuelan officials with economic sanctions that President Maduro called "illegal, insolent and unprecedented."

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