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Seeing ‘tranquillity’ on West Bank, ‘New York Times’ whitewashes the occupation Printer friendly page Print This
By James North and Philip Weiss | Mondoweiss
Friday, Sep 29, 2017

Checkpoint in West Bank outside Har Adar, where a Palestinian killed three Israelis on Sept. 26, 2017.

Om September 27 the New York Times reports on the killings of three Israelis at a checkpoint to the occupied territories, committed by a Palestinian who was then killed. The headline in the paper was:
Palestinian Kills 3 Israelis, Shattering Tranquillity at West Bank Crossing.
The definition of “tranquillity” employed by the Times is one-sided; it can only apply to the Israeli point of view. You need only read some of our recent coverage of Palestinian conditions on the West Bank to see that Palestinians don’t lead tranquil lives. Just last week an Israeli occupying commander vowed to disable half the Palestinian youths in a refugee camp, nine Palestinians were injured in an Israeli raid on an occupied village, and several Palestinians were arrested by Israeli forces in dawn raids on their homes.

The occupation is only tranquil if you’re the occupier. Peter Feld put it best, in a response to the New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker.

How long can America’s leading newspaper express such open indifference to Palestinian conditions?

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