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Governing Venezuela from Washington? Printer friendly page Print This
By Arturo Rosales | Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017

On Tuesday 24 October, during an interview in the program Vladimir at  1 o’clock on the private TV news station Globovision, the newly elected governor of the State of Táchira, Laidy Gomez revealed that sectors of the Venezuelan opposition urged the five governors-elect of the opposition to exercise their functions from abroad. In fact, nothing more and nothing less than from the capital of the United States, Washington.

Governor of the State of Táchira, Laidy Gomez

"There are political parties that put forward the idea that we go into political asylum, to the international community, so as to govern from Washington and I consider it a Utopian idea that we could govern from asylum”, were the words of Gomez.

When asked by the journalist Vladimir Villegas, "who suggested that to you?" the Tachira governor alluded to the party Voluntad Popular when referring to the elected governor of Zulia state, Juan Pablo Guanipa, who despite the call from social sectors for him to be sworn in before the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), decided to follow the line of his party and "take international route".

This line, probably suggested the OA Secretary General, Luis Almagro, would follow the route of setting up an alternative Supreme Tribunal in Washington at the OAS. Currently, there is talk about setting up an alternative National Electoral Council in Washington, also at the OAS, and any state governor trying to exercise his duties in exile would be another part of the plan to delegitimize the constitutional government of Venezuela.

It is surprising that Laidy Gomez, a member of opposition party Accion Democratica, revealed these plans to Villegas (a notorious ex chavista turncoat) in his programme but is probably due to the fact that there are gaping holes in any opposition unity after the defeat in the regional elections.

Twice defeated presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles Radonski, has resigned for the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) saying that he will not return until Henry Ramos Allup is no longer on the MUD. Other political parties are discussing expelling Accion Democratica from the MUD after this party’s four governors were sworn in by the ANC.

The opposition is in disarray and is paying for the mistakes of supporting the insurrectional violent street protests in opposition middle class areas from April to end July. In their three major strongholds in Miranda state – the municipalities of Chacao, Sucre and El Hatillo – there was a level of abstention in the regional elections of between 47% - 57% of registered voters.

Governing Venezuela – or parts of it – from Washington may appeal to radical opposition groups but is just a pipe dream as these regional elections clearly demonstrated that Venezuelans want peace, democracy and a solution to the economic war and soaring inflation.

The government is offering this and other opposition political parties mau join in so as to be the number one contenders to Chavismo, which appears to have consolidated its grip on power – despite what the corporate media writes in its “fictional pieces”.

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