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When you're sitting in your home, you don't expect someone to come and steal your front lawn Printer friendly page Print This
By Jimmy Nsubuga |
Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017

Judy Dean’s home in Romford Essex after thieves stole part of her front lawn (Picture: SWNS)

Someone stole a lawn while the owner was sitting in their house. Judy Dean, 65, discovered her artificial garden had gone missing when she stepped out to go shopping on Wednesday at around 3pm.

She had got the £400 two-piece astroturf laid as part of a £3,000 garden refurbishment five years ago. ‘To say I was shocked is an understatement,’ Mrs Dean, from Romford, east London, said.

This is how it used to look (Picture: SWNS)

 She added: ‘When I went out the front door I knew that there was something different but my brain didn’t engage straight away that the lawn went. I thought “God! The grass is gone!. ‘I’m quite speechless really, I’m finding it really difficult to describe the words, I’m just flabbergasted.’

But Mrs Dean, who got astroturf because it is better for her arthritis, saw the funny side and did not let the incident ruin her day. She said: ‘As much as I was shocked and angry I had to laugh. I just carried on went into Romford did my shopping and come back.

‘Even if they wanted to put it down as a lawn in a bedroom or something, it’s not big enough, it would probably cover maybe a very small bathroom.’

Police are investigating the theft and appealed for anyone with information to get in touch. Mrs Dean said she last saw her turf at approximately 8.30am on the morning it went missing from her semi-terraced home.

She had planned to put Christmas trees down but she now has to find somewhere else to put them.

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