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Nothing new about 'Fake News' Printer friendly page Print This
By Staff Writers | Sputnik
Thursday, Nov 30, 2017

Twitter, Assange React to Bob Dylan Calling Time Magazine 'Fake News' in 1965

CC BY 2.0 / Xavier Badosa / Bob Dylan

A Bob Dylan’s interview from over half a century ago sparked intense debates on Twitter as the social network audience, including the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, discussed the musician’s take on ‘fake news’ and the US media.

During his 1965 interview with Time Magazine, Dylan blasted the publication for what he apparently regarded as biased coverage, insisting that only a "certain class of people" takes the magazine seriously.

"I mean, sure, I can read it; I read it on the airplanes without taking it seriously. If I want to find out anything, I’m not going to read Time Magazine, I’m not going to read Newsweek; I’m not going to read any of these magazines because they’ve got too much to lose by printing the truth, you know that," the musician declared.

Earlier this month, following an article about Dylan’s interview published in Daily Caller, the musician’s words apparently struck a chord on Twitter, prompting a number of people to express their agreement with his assessment, or even note that things apparently haven’t changed since then.

​WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange also commented on Dylan’s statement, noting that “the dynamics remain the same” since 1964.

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