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President Trump Goes After International Crime, But Not His Own or Ivanka’s Printer friendly page Print This
By Dallas Darling
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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017

President Donald Trump’s name in the Panama Papers has certainly proven once again that the violent delights of the rich and powerful end up having violent means. In addition to purchasing a mysterious Panamanian company, where the former billionaire turned “tough-on-crime” president dabbled in real estate fraud and money-laundering, the Trump Ocean Club was evidently riddled with brokers and customer investors linked to drug trafficking and international crime. Others now wonder too, just how serious he was in touting and signing an executive order to combat criminal transnational organizations and prevent international trafficking, or in combating the notorious M-13 Gang.[1]

No-Nonsense Candidate Not So Tough On Crime
Campaigning as a no-nonsense candidate, many were indeed hopeful when, in the first week of taking over the White House, he signed a Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations Preventing International Trafficking. He swore to not only go after global criminal organizations, subsidiary organizations, and transnational drug cartels that threatened the safety of U.S. citizens, but assured Americans to destroy any organization related to drugs, weapons, human and wildlife trafficking, or which derived revenue through widespread illegal conduct, including acts of violence and abuse that exhibit a disregard for human life.[2]

The Panama Papers have cast a dark shadow over the crime fighting president, and his daughter Ivanka. As late as 2006, both worked out a deal with a small real estate company to sell condos in a proposed Panama skyscraper for three times the price of similar units. The only problem is that hundreds of condos were sold without telling buyers the price, including double- and triple-selling them. Known as real estate fraud, their agent was eventually arrested for dozens of complaints against the Trump Ocean Club. And though its not known just how many millions the president and Ivanka made, it is known that money-laundering was done on behalf of corrupt Panamanian politicians too.

Violent Delights of Rich Connected to Notorious Drug Lords
In the 1990’s, the Trump Organization knew of other run-ins with authorities in Panama. In fact, the Panama Papers show the Trump Ocean Club was riddled with brokers, customers and investors who’d been linked to drug trafficking and international crime. The skyscraper, well-known in Panama as “a vehicle for money laundering,” was clearly a place where the Trump family engaged in and allowed all sorts of transnational and criminal activity. To be sure, clients weren’t only connected to the Russian mafia and other organized-crime groups, but to money launderers and Columbian drug lords who moved cash for drug cartels.[3] For now, it’s still to early to tell what else is in the papers.

Another concern is that President Trump often spoke of going after and destroying gangs like the M-13. But with recent revelations in the Panama Papers, some suspect that he might have indirectly aided M-13’s notorious rise to power. Originating in Los Angeles, California, in the 1980’s, they quickly spread to Central America where Panama is located. More than likely, their drug lords, characterized by tattoos covering the body, their own sign language, and cruel violence and merciless retribution-like beheadings, also stayed in the Trump Ocean Club where they trafficked drugs. With at least 10,000 members in the U.S., they’re a major concern to police and the FBI.

Little Difference Between Blue Collar and White Collar Drug Lords
“There are at least 23 countries that refuse to take their people back after they’ve been ordered to leave the United States” said Donald Trump, adding “Including a large number of violent criminals, they won’t take them back So we say, OK, we’ll keep them. Not going to happen with me, not going to happen with me.” But with the Panama Papers, one has to question his sincerity. And yet, if we wanted to truly know-or at least have the courage to admit-the real facts and figures of the criminal classes, they may be staring us right in the face. The Executive, Judicial, and Legislative would surely be three.

Dallas Darling is the author of Politics 501: An A-Z Reading on Conscientious Political Thought and Action, Some Nations Above God: 52 Weekly Reflections On Modern-Day Imperialism, Militarism, And Consumerism in the Context of John’s Apocalyptic Vision, and The Other Side Of Christianity: Reflections on Faith, Politics, Spirituality, History, and Peace. He is a correspondent for You can read more of Dallas’ writings at and

(1) “Trump’s Panama Tower Used for Money-Laundering Say Condo Owners, Says Report” by Rory Carroll. November 18, 2017.
(2) “Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations Preventing International Trafficking.” February 9, 2017.
(3) “Investors in the Panama Trump Tower Included a Notorious Criminal Who Laundered Drug Money,” by April Glaser. November 17, 2017.

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