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By Les Blough and Paul Richard Harris | Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Monday, Dec 11, 2017

What follows is a note I received today from my editorial partner, Les Blough, from his home in Venezuela, about yesterday's elections in his country. THIS is how it should be done, folks:
- prh, ed.

Hi Pablo, we won over 300 of 325 mayoral seats today.

The customary fireworks and trumpets woke us all up this Sunday morning at 4:50 am telling us this was an important day, "Get up and vote!"

A bus took me to the voting center, I waited and voted at noon and the bus returned me to my home - everything in 25 minutes, fast and smooth as silk. The A/C bus ran continuously all day from my community from early morning 'til the voting center closed around 6-7 pm. I counted 47 people on my bus.

At the voting center they checked my ID, took my electronic thumbprint, I entered the private booth, voted, the machine gave me a paper printout for me to confirm that it was how I voted, walked out and placed it in a box, then went to a table where they had my name and national ID number on a list. I put my inked thumbprint and signed my name on the list of the voters for the day.

When the voting center closed, members of the opposition and PSUV [government party] counted the paper ballots at our local voting center, compared them with the electronic vote, signed their approval and sent the paper ballots with their signatures to Caracas under armed National Guard security where a scientific sample was counted along with those of all 23 states under eyes of both opposition and chavismo [government supporters].

I had the privilege of voting for a new mayor of La Victoria. Hopefully, she will prove to be a true revolutionary unlike the one we've had for the last 6 years. That's the electoral system in a participatory democracy.

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