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Israel Defense Officials Arrested Over $28 Million Scam Printer friendly page Print This
By Staff Writers | Sputnik
Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017

CC BY 2.0 / momo / Israel National Flag

Almost two dozen senior Israel Defense Force service members, Defense Ministry officials and technology company employees were put in handcuffs on Tuesday for allegedly stealing $28 million, or 100 million new Israeli shekels, from the government, the Times of Israel reported.

The scheme to steal taxpayer funds allegedly involved the suspects billing Israel's Defense Ministry for telecom projects that never happened or were only partially complete.

Giltech and Uricom, two telecommunications firms in Israel, were listed as the technology companies involved in the scam, according to the Times of Israel. The identities of the IDF and officials involved in the operation have not been disclosed.

The arrests followed an extensive investigation by Israeli military police.

In October, six people working for a contractor to maintain IDF bases were arrested for receiving money from the government in exchange for tasks that were never completed, while an IDF lieutenant colonel, four majors and a non-commissioned officer are under investigation for taking bribes in exchange for looking the other way while the contractors ran off with "huge sums" of money, an October 19 Times of Israel report states.

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