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Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye Printer friendly page Print This
By Ann Murray
Monday, Jan 22, 2018

"Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye"

Railroad station, midnight trains 
Lonely airports in the rain 
And somebody stands there with tears in their eyes 
It's the same old scene, time after time 
That's the trouble with all mankind somebody's always sayin' goodbye 
Taxi cabs leave in the night 
Greyhound buses with red tail lights 
Someone's leavin' and someone's left behind 
Well I don't know how things got that way 
But every place you look these days 
Somebody's always sayin' goodbye 
Take two people like me and you 
We could have made it , we just quit too soon 
Oh the two of us, we could have had it all 
If we'd only tried 
But that's the way love is, it seems 
Just when you've got a real good thing 
Somebody's always sayin' goodbye 
Somebody's always sayin' goodbye

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