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By Staff Writers | Sputnik
Tuesday, Feb 6, 2018

Shocking Aftermath of Mosul Liberation Captured on Extremely Graphic Video

© REUTERS/ Khalid Al-Mousily

In July 2017, US President Donald Trump solemnly announced that the Iraqi Security Forces, supported by the United States and the international coalition had liberated the city of Mosul from “its long nightmare” under the rule of Daesh (ISIS).

Shocking aerial footage shows complete devastation and destruction after relentless coalition bombings during the offensive to retake the second largest Iraqi city of Mosul. The once prosperous city bursts with corpses, bodies of civilians, including children, who the coalition failed to save, and militants that lie almost buried in piles of debris and collapsed buildings. Naturally, the bodies are decomposing, leaving behind an unbearable smell and jeopardizing the health of those who stayed alive.

“Look, there are corpses strewn everywhere, in the houses, in the streets. The smell is killing us,” said Nashwan Khairi, a resident of one of Mosul's districts.

“Where is the state? Where is the government that promised us to clean this area from all the bodies and the war’s remnants that would cause harm and disease to all people who are returning to the area recently?” Khairi wondered. “Are they just skilled at making promises on TV?”

The man expressed his concerns over the deteriorating situation in the city, saying that residents have seen no aid support since Mosul’s glorious liberation; some received “nothing but rice and bread” from the authorities.

He also took a swipe at Washington’s promises, dismissing them as “lies.”

"There are no coalition [forces here]. Where is the coalition? Let them come here and speak! Who came? Honestly no one has come here. They're scared of coming here! Whenever they see that there are corpses they don’t come.”

Mosul was completely liberated from Daesh terrorists in July 2017 as a result of an operation launched by Iraqi forces and the US-led coalition to free the western part of the city in January after recapturing the eastern. According to UN figures, at least 2,521 civilians were killed and 1,673 wounded during the campaign.

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