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Freeland talks tough, but she is just blowing smoke - and she knows it Printer friendly page Print This
By thnkfryrslf | Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018

Thomas Walkom of the Toronto Star wrote an article in which he noted that Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, actually said something worth hearing. Walkom suggested the neither Donald Trump nor many US citizens will take kindly to her words.

But let's take a closer look.

Essentially, what Freeland is really saying to the U.S. is this: The hostile and damaging behaviour you are engaging in with your allies is threatening your global superpower status.

Since the end of the second world war Canada has pretty well supported you in all of the violent takeovers of many sovereign countries. We supported your neoliberal imposition of these countries' governments and we supported you in finally controlling these countries' wealth.

In fact, your allies have supported you in all of your corporate, political and military pursuits, which in turn made it possible for you to become an empire. Did you ever think that you may not have been able to become an empire, without your allies help?

Since WW2, approximately 20 million people have died due to U.S. interference and political domination. But when you are building an empire, that in the end will benefit all the people of the world, sacrifices have to be made. We understand that.

Canada has been supporting your neoliberal, imperialist agenda all along, but never more so than from 2004 to the present, 2018. The Liberal party of Canada campaigned on a progressive platform and it worked - they won with a majority. When they formed the government, Canada showed its total embrace of all the neoliberal policies the American government was implementing. And to really show our commitment, we turned the governing of Canada over to your economic, political, corporate, and military neocon advisors.

They advised us to:
  • Sign as many deals with whomever and whenever, but to keep saying that these deals are about free trade and are a huge benefit to Canadians when in fact it is only the corporations that benefit. Done!
  • Show total support of Israel by voting for the anti-BDS motion presented in the House of Commons by the conservatives - even though that violates Canadians' freedom of speech rights. Done!
  • Repeat U.S. propaganda that Venezuela is a dictatorship and proceed to impose sanctions. Done!
  • Show support of the U.S. by bellowing - almost verbatim - the propaganda that Russia has interfered with the previous U.S. election and is responsible for Trump becoming president and is now planning to interfere in the next Canadian election. Everything that the U.S. accuses Russia of Canada will support, repeat, and impose sanctions. Done!
  • Canada bombs Libya. Done!
  • Canada, with tax payers' money, is set to buy a private company's pipeline. Done!
This is just the tip of the iceberg of Canada's complete subservience to the U.S.

By Freeland's comment "How shall we behave in a world, we no longer dominate," she is admitting that dominating others is what the U.S. and its allies, including Canada, have been doing for 50+ years. Her answer is also revealing: i.e. "Cement the rules in place before the other guys take over."

The solution she offered was in having an adherence to a rules-based order. In other words, create an additional global infrastructure that supports American global hegemony. Instead of punishing and ostracizing their allies, the U.S. should come together with them and together find a solution for sustaining U.S./Western hegemony.

With Trump as President the U.S. has gone off the rails. NATO and other U.S. allies can no longer predict what political decisions the U.S. will make, domestically or globally.

Canada, however, has much more to lose then just being a NATO ally.This current government has put our economy, our laws, our international relationships, our political policies and decisions, our trading, our resource wealth, our foreign policy, and even our government federally and provincially under the almost total control of U.S. power.

In abdicating Canadian independence in all of the fields just mentioned, Freeland is now, as she should be, worried about herself and her government's standing in the American Empire. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone from being the favored son of American power to just another leader that Trump chooses to threaten and insult.

Freeland and her liberal cronies thought they had hitched their wagon to a political star. Instead they are finding out that they have hitched their wagon to a political failure. The destruction of her own country's sovereignty in order to join and share in the power of American hegemony may very well not come to fruition.

Freeland expected to be rewarded by the American super power whose interests she and the liberal party so dogmatically served. She also expected to be rewarded financially and politically for betraying the Canadian people to satisfy the authoritarian and neoliberal needs of the imperial U.S.A.

Essentially, she and her government want to be recognized and rewarded by the U.S government for their total OBEDIENCE!

She may just now be realizing that her political career is completely determined, not by an intelligent, successful, imperial power who controls the world and that she so desperately wants to be part of, but by an economical, moral and intellectually bankrupt shell of a country, with a close to illiterate, narcissistic psychopath who is now their leader.

Stupid can't be fixed!

In order to truly understand what the Imperial U.S. has in store for Canada, Freeland should start with answering the question that Pierre Trudeau asked in 1963. He asked "Why do you think that United States should treat Canada differently from Guatemala, when reason of state requires it and circumstances permit?"

It's never too late to learn, but my guess is that Freeland will take power over knowledge any day.

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