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Guest Poets
By Jack Mothershed
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Nov 2, 2005


What a beautiful day.

Off coast, seabirds are swirling in a half mile circle catching fish like crazy.
Pelicans punctuate the situation here and there with their spectacular plunges.
Under the surface a massive ball of fish is being chased by hungry seals.
Hungry seals are being pursued by hungry sharks.
For them it is a natural chain. It reminds us that we used to have war.
We rejoice that we left it behind us.
We concentrated that energy on reclaiming what was left of the environment.
The climate has almost fully readjusted

Nobody misses the traffic noise we used to have.
The mag lev cars function in silence.
And they don't pollute.
And nobody owns one.
Everybody owns one.
You just take one from a parking area like a shopping cart at the market.
Unless it has the red signal that says it is still in use.

We just returned from a day at the Diablo Canyon health spa.
In the old days it was a nuclear power plant.
That seems so strange to us now.
How could people have lived with the mental stress
of such impending tragedy?

It was interesting looking up the hill toward Valencia Peak.
The scythe windmills are almost invisible
but in certain light they make the hill look
like a Van Gogh painting.
This area produces enough power from wind to fill all our needs.
We export the power produced by the ocean wave generators.

The well being party was reelected with the greatest margin ever.
It wasn't much of a contest.
And it is so easy to vote.
Just pick your choices and hit the send button on your personal infoputer.
We even have honest software.

George Dubya Bush died in prison this past week.
Mourning wakes were everywhere.
Not for Bush, but for all the people
he was responsible for causing harm.
Causing harm is frowned on now.
They say his warmongering caused
more than a half million foreign deaths.
Fifty thousand Americans died outright.
Another hundred thousand died from radiation poisoning.
An entire industry has grown around caring for
and reforming the deformed children of contaminated soldiers.
Bush's cellmate, Saddam Hussein, is still alive.
He said the years he spent with Bush were incredibly boring
and he's glad Bush is gone.
His new cellmate is Dick Cheney.
Saddam is teaching him to play dominoes

My uncle Jack says but for the revolution
of the well beings
the Bush administration would have destroyed the world.
And Uncle Jack is pretty smart.
He invented the personal flight machine.
And he started the well being party.
His slogan was:
Utopia is as possible as the will is strong.
He is on the Council of World Directors
His office is right here in town near the beach,
in his house. He says he wouldn't have a job
he couldn't work at home.

Nationalism is outmoded now.
Almost inconceivable that humanity would divide itself that way.
Uncle Jack says his idea that morality is pragmatic
took a long time to be universally accepted.

Well, the wind is swinging around to the south
right on time, just after sunset.
A full moon is going to rise over Mt. Hollister in a while.
Here on the Cali central coast, like everywhere else in the world,
It has been one beautiful day.