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American Soldier
By W. Vic Ratsma, Contributing Writer
Sunday, Jun 1, 2003

American Soldier.

Hey soldier, American soldier,
Why are you in the Army or the Navy or the Airforce?
Is it to make a career? Your patriotic duty? Or just a job
to make some money?
You believe in the greatness of your Country and its leaders, you say?
Willing to defend freedom and democracy against terror?
And for that you are willing to become a killer, no questions asked.
Or are you blind to the terror you have become for others?
Think Soldier, think!
Hey Soldier, American Soldier,
Aren't you a working man?
Don't you know you are being used
To defend the Rich and Greedy against the Poor and Desolate?
Are you rich? Or just doped with patriotic propaganda
So you'll offer your life for the sake of the Haves,
Instead of for the Have-nots?
Think Soldier, think!

Hey Soldier, American Soldier,
Soon they will turn you into a merciless killer
Of people you have never met: men, women, children.
A destroyer of life, of people who could be your friends
If you cared to take the time before firing your hi-tech weapons.
You will gain your medal of honour by the blood of those you spill,
Perhaps posthumously.
Think Soldier, think!

Hey Soldier, American Soldier,
They'll tell you to do as you're told, not to think for yourself.
But in the end you'll have to live with yourself and with what you did.
And they'll discard you, for they do not care about you.
You will have served your purpose as cannon fodder to save the Rich
And they will rule the land and people you destroyed,
so they too will become servants to your Masters
Is that what you want Soldier?
Think Soldier, think!

Hey Soldier, American Soldier,
Many like you have come and gone.
Remember Vietnam? The Gulf war?
Sickness and death has struck many of you
Warped minds from exposure to your own munitions and drugs.
Killing their own wives and children,
never to be the same again.
Freedom and democracy through the barrel of a gun?
Think Soldier, think.

Hey Soldier, American Soldier,
There is another way.
Forget your Army and your Navy and your Airforce,
For Peace and prosperity do not come from war
nor from the charities of the Rich
but from working-class solidarity across our world and
Sharing of the wealth through co-operation
And love for your fellow-humans, even those you do not know.
Join the army of workers to stop the war, soldier.
Think Soldier, think!

Dec 25, 2002

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W. Vic Ratsma was a lifelong political activist from Nova Scotia, CA who wrote poetry and essays as a columnist for Axis of Logic until his death in Nova Scotia on November 17, 2004.  See our tribute to him published on the day of his death and our "Celebration of Life" in his memory, published on December 3, 2004.