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Poetry of Les Blough
Winter Series II: Snow
By Les Blough
Axis of Logic
Monday, Feb 16, 2004


No passage holds your faithful word,
unspoken word, your constant word.
     No portal for your comeliness,
dissolving forms, your constant forms.

You lie in field and trimmed in wood,
     dress the boughs of evergreen,
  glistening, clothe the day at noon,
  shape blue moonlit crystal nights.

Your formless waltz and gypsy dance,
   your noble fall and gathered pomp,
       demure, exalted at our door,
more silent than a whispered prayer,

   Sleeping crocus, unlit worlds
are named among your supplicants.
Unspoken word, your constant word
    dissolves with your habiliments.

- Les Blough

The word that can be spoken, is not the constant word.
The name that can be spoken is not the constant name."

- Tao Te Ching

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