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Congress is Back! Fear and loathing in Babylon-On-The-Potomac
By Don Nash in You-Tah, USofA. Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Sep 10, 2009

Editor's Note: Don Nash, Axis of Logic reader, writer and contributor for 6 years gives us some of his down home wisdom in some down home language, as the U.S. Congress returns from it's August recess. - LMB

Yes my friends. Fear and loathing in Babylon-On-The-Potomac. Be afraid, be very afraid. Congress is back in session. Hide your wallets. Hide your children. Especially if'n your children are of military service age.

Yeah, don't believe the bullshit about military service being honorable. Not in Amerika and not anymore. Amerikan military service has become about service to Empire and that's about a load if ever there was a load.

Well unless of course, you're comfortable with getting your children screwed sideways. Or blasted or maimed or worse than even that.

Gen. Stan 'the holistic mad bomber man' McChrystal is gonna "win" the Afghaniscam and it doesn't much matter how many of Amerika's boys and girls he’s got to kill in the process.

Yup, Congress is back in session and that means hours upon endless hours of interminable pontification about nothing. Health care reform/overhaul so corporate insurance concerns will make out nice and proper and big pharma will make out nice and proper and you'll get the tab and that'll be health care reform or what the fuck ever.

The doctors will make out nice and proper and nobody is gonna ask the AMA about doctors signing off on torture. Cause you know, they's doctors and that's like being god.

Wall Street will get more money cause that's what Congress is there for. To give the Wall Street banditos money by the bag full and you'll get the tab for that. Yes you will. Turbo Timmy Geithner was in front of some congressional panel Thursday September 10, 2009, reassuring the congress-clowns that yup, Turbo Timmy gots a handle on shit and you'll get the tab for that.

Tabs to the left of you and tabs to the right of you and Joe Wilson the dumb-ass cracker from some-damn-where in one of the Carolinas calls the Obama a "liar" and oh holy freaking batshit, isn't that just an outrage. Nobody says squat when the Obama lies about the Iraqnam or the Afghaniscam. Nah, that's 'war of necessity'. Oh yeah.

Be afraid be very freaking afraid, Congress is BACK! You will of course be out of luck but hey, you ain't important. Nope. If'n you were important, you'd still have jobs and homes - and insurance wouldn't be the ridiculous nightmare that health care really is. Cause you know, Congress will have "fixed" it. Oh yeah sure they will. Or did already or are getting around to it someday. Someday when pigs sprout wings or green ass-slapping monkeys fly over a Kansas rainbow and they take Pat Roberts with them.

Bye bye Sen. Pat and say hello to the Wiz won't you?

Say, is Jacko really dead? I keep expecting Zombie Jacko to "reappear" on some dynamic touring road show and dang, won't that make money by the truck full. Dump truck.

You know, now that the Amerikan economy is dead and rotting like roadkill, how you gonna feed your chillins? Hmmm, roadkill? At least that'd be free. Or available for a nominal fee. Roadkill might not be so bad barbecued. Yummy, tastes like chicken.

Congress is back in session and maybe they'll devise some 'feed the hungry Amerikans' program. Um, don't hold your breath waiting. They'd (Congress) have to call themselves into some sort of "special legislative session" and then argue about anything but the issue at hand and then the Obama would have to address both Houses of the Unholy and then some cracker bonehead from one of the Carolinas somewhere would call the Obama a "liar" and all holy bejesus would break out and Nancy Pelosi would wet her panties slapping her really big gavel on that fancy desk she plants herself behind.

Criminy, Nancy Pelosi is more boring than Denny 'fatty fat fat' Hastert. Ah the good old days. At least back then, you knew who the corrupt congress-squirmies were and everyone knew their place and we just paid the tab like always.

Congress is back in session and two wars are quagmiring right along and Amerika's boys and girls are getting obliterated in the Afghaniscam, Pakiscam and the Iraqnam and Gen. Stan 'the holistic mad bomber man' McChrystal says "I just need about 20 or 97 thousand more boys and girls and we'll git 'r' done then by god!"

Gen. Petey Petraeus says, "I'm running for Prezdent and don't bother me with trivial shit." Gen. Petey is really important. Did you know the Amerikan peoples pay for Gen. Petey's genius? We sure as hell do. Genius, military war criminal brilliance and worth every last penny spent. Right. By the by, those are your chillins getting those legs and arms blown off and their heads splattered into incoherent brain-soup. The boys and girls come home and can't quite figure out why things "seem" somehow different. Brain-soup will do that. Yup.

Fear and loathing on account of Babylon-On-The-Potomac can't pull their congressional heads out of some lobbyist's ass. That's what lobbyists are in Babylon for. To get congressional weasels to stick their heads up the lobbyists asses. There is an inordinate amount of immoral head-in-ass business going on and Congress has cornered the market. Mercantile poltroonery. And yes, you'll be paying for that and rightly so. Sweet congressional yes you will.

Dang, aint' it about marvelous to get your monies worth? You do get your monies worth from Amerika's Congress don't you? You should. Amerika put these insignificant ass-clowns in office. Pelosi, Reid, Boehner, Itchy McConnell, and even Joe 'little butcher' Lieberman. Yup.

Golly, it's sort of funny that Sarah Palin isn't in "office" anymore. Palin has serious problems on her back porch these days. You know, the dummy that did his number on the young Ms. Palin. What the hell is that kid's name? Bucky? Todd? You know, the kid hanging around with Kathy Griffin. Bucky or Todd or whatever, has serious issues with being abused by older women.

Oh yeah, Congress is Back and the Obama's on the Throne. They'll be busy as can be, takin' advice from the Tanks of Zio-Think and Greasin' the Big Corp Machine. We'll pick up the tab on the table while they walks out the door with bellies fat with newly printed greenback meat and a shit-eatin' grin on their mugs. This God-sneerin' nation is gettin' ripe for Judgement Day - or a People's Revolution, maybe both.