Axis of Logic
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Poetry of Chandi Sinnathurai
Sri Lanka: Plea for Sanity.
By Chandi Sinnathurai
Axis of Logic
Friday, Nov 27, 2009



Its a mockery to insanity
Fumbling into putting foot 'n' mouth
Rambling onto sheer bloody mindedness.
Children stare with protruding eyes
The skeletons of war and misery.
The future hangs in balance
of the global players.
The locals are victims to lip service and spin doctors.
The mechanics of stage hands, trapeze artists, and puppeteers
In their cocktail suits crow for peace.
Powerful men competing for the titles of heroes
Resigning and throwing the towel into the hat.
Trying their luck on democratic electabilty...
The mad-hatters cream tea parties carry on
While the land is bleached by traders of flatulent winds.
Some waste valuable times on resurrecting dead men
without any contemplation of yesterday's failures in concoctions.
Forgetting that the future holds nothing but mirrored ghosts of the past.
The country is over populated with heroes and heroines
And the real human stories are often underrated.
The bishops too fight. Alas, Accusations fly off the handle!
The flock meanders in lonely places looking for still waters.
Its a mockery of insanity.