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Eva Golinger
Correo del Orinoco, August through December 2010
By Eva Golinger, Editor
Correo del Orinoco International
Sunday, Dec 19, 2010

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December 17, 2010

On Top: Venezuelan Legislature accords special emergency powers to President Chavez. The Enabling Law will allow the Venezuelan head of state to enact a series of decrees to provide solutions for nationwide devastation caused by November’s heavy rains

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December 10, 2010

On Top: Rains cause state of emergency in Venezuela. The Chavez administration announced a major reconstruction plan this week to rebuild areas devastated by the heavy rainfall that hit the nation


December 3, 2010

On Top: Heavy rains displace thousands in Venezuela. President Chavez gave refuge to 26 families in the presidential palace this week, after downpours caused mass devastation nationwide


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November 26, 2010

On Top: Venezuelan Government stands strong against aggression. President Chavez presided over a state event in defense of sovereignty this week in the National Assembly



November 19, 2010

On Top: Venezuela: housing a priority. The Chavez administration is guaranteeing housing rights to homebuyers suffering from fraud and real estate scams


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November 12, 2010

On Top: Venezuelan Government cracks down on real estate fraud. Thousands of Venezuelans have been affected by real estate scams that have left homebuyers displaced, disgruntled and in severe debt



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November 5, 2010

On Top: Venezuela and Colombia: building the “Patria Grande”. Despite political differences, the governments of Venezuela and Colombia are rebuilding ties and strengthening relations to benefi t their citizens




October 29, 2010

On Top: The birth of a multipolar world. President Chavez’s 11-day tri-continental tour through seven countries has resulted in 69 agreements that will advance Venezuela’s development and strengthen strategic relations



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October 22, 2010

On Top: Creating a pluripolar world. During a whirlwind, worldwide tour, President Chavez visited seven countries on three continents, consolidating relations and advancing efforts to change the balance of global power




October 14, 2010

On Top: Nationalizations advance agricultural development. Recent nationalizations of several private companies charged with speculation and bad practices are enhancing Venezuela’s developmen



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October 7, 2010

On Top: Coup in Ecuador. Regional solidarity and people’s power overcame an attempted coup against President Rafael Correa last week



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October 1, 2010

On Top: Elections special. Sunday’s legislative elections in Venezuela celebrated an extraordinary voter turnout at over 67%. Pro-Chavez PSUV party won a solid majority of seats in the National Assembly




September 23, 2010

On Top: Victory is Near. Candidates for Sunday’s legislative elections ended campaigns this week with great expectations for mass participation in the decisive vote




September 16, 2010

On Top: Revolutionizing Lives in Venezuela. New Programs for low-cost household appliances, railway systems, healthcare and economic growth are changing the nation



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September 10, 2010

On Top: Revolution in tourism. The International Tourism Fair (FitVen) in Venezuela is part of a larger strategy to expand the tourist industry and attractions




September 2, 2010

On Top: Venezuela: Cracking down on Crime. Decreasing crime in Venezuela means reducing the violence of poverty