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Axis Reader Responds: "What Dr. John Mekalanos really meant ..."
By anonymous reader
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Sep 1, 2011

Editor's Note: An Axis of Logic reader posted this comment to one of our exclusive articles, Why It Took Eleven Months Instead of Three Weeks to Show that Haiti’s Cholera Is Nepalese: a Tale of Noble and Ignoble Scientists, Harvard, and the U.N. (Mis à jour avec Traduction française). Our article featured the work of Dr. John Mekalanos, a Harvard professor who has one of his five feet in Harvard and the other 4 in corporations that are big money makers for him. Our article charges that he has been pushing his useless cholera vaccines on the people of Haiti to build his little fiefdom and his bank accounts. The reader's comment mysteriously disappeared from our page but we've got a copy and think it qualifies for a "Choice Reader Comment" so we republish it here. We neither agree nor disagree with this comment but found it to be interesting. Meanwhile, we welcome the reader to comment again. This comment later appeared beneath a reprint of our article on


What “Dr.” John Mekalanos really meant is that when he heard in January 2010 that an earthquake had hit Haiti he saw the perfect opportunity to initiate an experiment with a controlled group of subjects and by pulling some strings with his business partners at the CIA. Cholera could be introduced to a virgin populace via infected UN ‘peace keepers” (it should read donors). All facets of the epidemic including source could be scientifically documented for his mad scientist experiments whose only real purpose were to facilitate future marketing stratigees for his snake oil in a syringe. The other clown “Dr.” John Andrus sounds like he is practically confessing: "I see a real opportunity to vaccinate vulnerable groups in countries that have yet to see the outbreak but we know would be very vulnerable if cholera was imported…. I worry about some of the poorer countries of the Caribbean. I worry about Central America." Yea he worry's but not as much as I do that madmen such as himself and his colleague Mekalanos have such unchecked power allotted to them by the “intelligence” community. These men are capable of just about anything. Pedaling pseudo vaccines for epidemics they started by distributing deliberately infected water is just the tip of the iceberg. Haiti has been used as a test tube for future profiteering off an apocalypse which they know full well will leave a large percentage of the worlds populace dead. Maybe they also plan on starting that one off too.