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Axis of Logic Readers Comment on "The Useful Idiot."
By "Guest" and Yasmin
Axis of Logic
Friday, Jan 13, 2012

Editor's Note: "Guest" and Yasmin wrote the following Readers Comments to our republication of Tony Cartalucci's article, The Useful Idiot. We've selected the messages of "Guest" and Yamin as "Choice Reader Comments." We are also bring this article back to our front page for those who may have missed it first time around. - LMB


My compliments to Senor Cartalucci for his in-depth research and writing style that "lays it on the line.” I truly applaud his efforts to expose the tyranny and its cartoonish-nightmarish reality but as for me, he reveals just how vast and brilliant this global darkness spans. It is utterly mind-boggling which supports my following question: To ‘fight’ this vastness, where exactly does one begin...? How do we unite ego-personas to stop drinking Pepsi’s? To stop watching football, etc.?  

This is why I find hope and optimism in my personal (non-religious) spiritual development that is all about discovering “heart-consciousness” (first within me) that alleges to connect me with all hearts in humanity. "Fighting” those in deep pain (corporate plutocrats and other tyrants) that require the intoxicating experiences of power, lust and control to assuage their numbing  lack of heart connection (life), is perhaps to exacerbate their rush and thirst for more! Fighting them is for me, a losing battle... I have been led to discover my own heart-awareness first, and to one day BE the living, walking example of its truth, before this Love can inspire others to discover it within themselves- plutocrats, human or otherwise. And perhaps this is what finally unites our human-collective: our hearts. On a final note... Interesting that the Mayan Prophecy of 2012 refers directly to Ego-self reuniting with Divine-self... (John Major Jenkins)  

Blessings to all as we witness this 5-sense reality unravel. The once-suppressed sacred texts all offer that “love” is precisely hidden in this crumbling, frightening experience. My heart concurs. Let us find ourselves, dear friends, and we find everyone.

Saturday, December 31, 2011, 10:38:28 PM
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Really fantastic article..yes "WOW"!! There are many steps I (and many others) have already taken (such as, as per 'Guest' above, having a heart-centered life, no TV, no newspapers, no meds, eating real food... I take and teach ChunHwa Yoga, study ChunHwa Tao which has provided so many ways to love more, take Healing (vs Fighting) Martial Arts..all attempts to raise vibrational levels in the humble hope that life will be a 'giving and helping' one.... but what to do about the mortgage...the job that pays the mortgage..these practical things really require alternative is here that I am standing right now..seeking a solution...