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Nasrallah Thanks UN Secretary General for Worrying about Hezbollah’s Growing Strength
By Adib S Karwar reports on speech by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Secretary General of Hezbollah
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Sunday, Jan 15, 2012

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah secretary general of Hezbollah in a speech in Baalbek – Lebanon on Saturday January 14th declared that he would like to thank Mr. Ban Ki Moon Secretary General of the United Nations for worrying about Hezbollah’s growing military strength.

Sayyed Nasrallah on Arbaeen: "Our Certainty of this Right Path Is Increasing."

Responding to Ban Ki-Moon

Ban Ki Moon
UN Secretary General

From here, Hezbollah secretary General reiterated holding on to the resistance’s path and arms, and assured that these, in addition to the army and people, are the only guarantee to Lebanon’s security, dignity, and stability.

Nasrallah responded to Ban Ki-Moon’s Friday stance which he released in Lebanon demanding the disarmament of Hezbollah:

“Yesterday, I felt happiness when I heard UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon saying that he was concerned of Hezbollah’s military power. I tell him that this relieves us and makes us happy, because we want you, America, and Israel to be concerned. We don’t care about that, we only care that our people feel secure because there is a resistance in Lebanon that will not allow any captivity, occupation, or violation to their dignity.”

"I say to him and to the entire world that this armed resistance will remain, continue, and expand in its power, capability, and readiness, and its certainty that it has taken the right choice is increasing. From the experience in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and all the regions that witnessed occupation, we ask: What was the result of relying on the Arab League, the Arab regimes, the Islamic Conference Organization, the United Nations, the Security Council, the European Union, and such organizations?”

He continued:

“The result is that Palestine is still under occupation, over 10,000 Palestinians are still in captivity, millions of Palestinians are still displaced outside their countries, and Al-Quds is being violated daily and Judaized by the Zionists.

“On the other hand, the resistance in Lebanon, which believed in God and wagered on the power of its fighters and support of its people, achieved liberation, so did the resistance in Gaza and in Iraq.”

On the internal security level, his eminence stressed Hezbollah’s compliance with civil peace and stability, and stressed that political differences on any issue must not affect security and civil peace.

“I call for this commitment and emphasize that preserving security and confronting crimes in all the regions is the responsibility of the government, army, and security apparatuses.”

The Lebanese Government

In parallel, Sayyed Nasrallah hoped that the prime minister and the ministers would make their greatest efforts so that the government succeeds.

Furthermore, he asked the cabinet to be more active and give priority to the people’s matters so that it would gain their support, and warned that there are some parts who do not want this government to make any achievement.

The Syrian Developments

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah assured that Lebanon is the country that is most affected by the Syrian developments, and based on that he said:

“Out of our concern and love to the Syrian people, army and leadership, we call on the Syrian opposition inside and outside Syria to respond to the President (Bashar) Al-Assad’s dialogue requests, and to cooperate with him on implementing the reforms he announced previously. Moreover, we call for restoring peace and stability, dropping the arms, and solving the problems with dialogue."

Noting that some statements have come out recently and warned of sectarian incitements in the region, his eminence said:

“I tell all the countries that your political and inciting attitude in media and the fields, is what opens the way for sectarian conflicts. If you were honest in your warnings, and if you were concerned with keeping Syria and our region away from civil and sectarian wars, you have to start by changing this attitude and make united Arab efforts, in cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey, to help in ending the Syrian crisis rather than igniting fire and tensing the situation.”

The Iraqi Blasts

Commenting on the suicide bombings that hit Iraq recently killing and wounding hundreds of people, amid preparations for commemorating the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein (as), Sayyed Nasrallah assured that everyone should condemn these acts and called on

“... the nations’ scholars, leaders, parties, and movements, specifically the Islamic ones, to denounce all these suicide bombings that target civilians only because of ideological, political or religious differences, whether in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan , Syria, Somalia, or Nigeria, and whether it targets Muslims or Christians.”

His eminence continued saying:

“Those who are being killed in Iraq today, all their fault is that they went to visit the son of Allah’s prophet. The truth is that the killers want to take revenge from the spirit of the Iraqi resistance which defeated the occupation and forced it to withdraw.

“I tell these killers, whoever they were, that killing is useless, and it will not stop this faithful path that seeks Allah, as neither the killing in Karbala achieved this goal, nor will the killing in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Iran do that.”

Scientist’s Assassination

Sayyed Nasrallah assured that assassinating the nuclear scientists in Iran will not stop the Islamic Republic from its scientific and technological development.

They kill the nuclear scientists because they want us in this region to be singers, dancers, and mindless people who spend their nights and days worthlessly. However, if we were scientists, whether in chemistry, physics, or medicine, and if we were a nation that produces knowledge, which is the major power, they would not accept that.”

Regional Developments

In conclusion, Sayyed Nasrallah called upon the Bahraini authorities to respond to the people’s demands, start with the reforms, and hold serious dialogue with the opposition. He also referred to the Palestinian situation, indicating that

“... day after day it is being affirmed to the Palestinian people that resistance in the only choice, and that the enemies of the nation don’t want the Palestinian factions and people to reconcile and unite, because their continuous goal is to fragmentize us.”

“Brothers and sisters in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and the entire region, our way to glory, dignity, independence, liberation, power, prosperity, and security, is through unity, avoiding incitements and conflicts, solving issues through dialogue, and holding on to the resistance spirit and choice.

"Experiences throughout history, including this great occasion, have proven to us that with this spirit that rejects humiliation, loves martyrdom, and has faith in the future and in the coming victory, we could attain unity, power, safety, glory and victory.”

Translated by Adib S Karwar

Source: Adib S Karwar