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Letters from Palestine
Foreign visitors in Palestine. Israeli government hysterical​
By Mazin Qumsiyeh
Justice Wheels
Saturday, Apr 14, 2012

The Welcome to Palestine 2012 campaign had successful inaugural press conference in Bethlehem (with support from Mayor and Governor) while the Israeli establishment continues to show hysterical reaction.  Below is a youtube video taken at the conference and links to stories, some showing Israeli paranoia about allowing peaceful visitors to Palestine.  Zionist propaganda was expected (Hasbara) but the Israeli government reaction was a series of high level meetings, sending moles, threats, lies, and direct intimidation. So far over 10 volunteers were harassed by the authorities.  We ask reporters to be faithful and report what we say and do. Below are links to stories that are fairly balanced and those that are problematical. The campaign seeks even more volunteers to respond and work on media issues.

Despite some illegal expulsions, those who managed to join us in previous campaigns showed that the Israeli government was lying about our intentions.  Dozens of volunteers around the world are working very hard to ensure correct information is disseminated.  We need dozens more to take this to an even higher level and ensure millions around the world hear the real story of how Israel prevents visitors to an occupied and oppressed people.  In the meantime, some of the internationals did arrive to visit with us.  Some have attended the popular resistance conference (starting in Bilin today.) Others will join the Freedom Bus Playback Theater Performancethis Friday in Al-Walaja village.

The welcome to Palestinian organizers official launched the camping on Tuesday in a press conference that took place in the city of Bethlehem, southern West Bank. Welcome to Palestine 2012 will again challenge Israel's policy of isolating the West Bank. More info at IMEMC)

Great news: CGT trade union at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris supports the international mission that will visit Palestine April 15, 2012, and demands that the freedom of movement of the participants is guaranteed by the authorities.

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Message from Bethlehem Mayor of "Welcome to Palestine 2012" at Bienvenue Palestine and EuroPalestine

Message from Bethlehem Governor of  "Welcome to Palestine 2012"

Some of the stories especially from Israeli media are full of lies and distortions.  We need bloggers and volunteers to respond to the erroneuous stories (e.g. people are not coming to demonstrate or confront Israeli authorities)

Fairly balanced articles

Problematical articles