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Ghali comments on "The War on the Syrian People."
By Ghali Hassan, Axis of Logic Columnist
Axis of Logic
Saturday, Jun 2, 2012

Great comment by Les Blough.  
There is overwhelming evidence that what took place in Houla were crimes committed by anti-Syrians terrorists. Further, the terrorist are armed by Washington and its vassal for the sole purpose of perpetuating violence to justify Western military intervention. The massacre in Houla massacre were ordinary Syrian families who refused to side with the terrorists against the Government. Most of the victims were executed in their houses.  
The media and most journalists, including imperialists like Robert Fisk and Andrew Cockburn (“The Independent”) knew well in advance who is committing the crimes, but this is not their task. Their task is to follow a prescribed framework. That is to see the world through an imperialist lens. Robert Fisk in particular, is the most corrupt and dishonest individual. He is a chronic liar. If Robert Fisk and his ilk tell the truth, they will have no jobs tomorrow.  
The aim is clear. The massacre of civilians is blamed on the Syrian Government to manipulate public opinions in the West. At the same time, several European countries, Canada and Australia have terminated their diplomatic relations with Syria simultaneously. There decisions were taken prior to any investigation. The damage has already been done. The public is treated like a herd, ready to move in the direction of war on Syria.  
Let be very clear, the US government is the greatest sponsor of terrorism around the world. In addition, throughout history, successive US governments have financed and endorsed every murderous/fascist regime on the planet. Democracy (a.k.a. staged elections) is a tool to manipulate and cool the population.  
Finally, Bashar al-Assad is not a dictator. The Syrian Government is an authoritarian government which is carrying out reform according to Syria’s vital interests. Bashar took power after the death of his father in 2000. He was a medical doctor and later a practicing ophthalmologist. After the sudden death of his elder brother Bassel al-Assad in a car accident in 1994, Bashar was asked to prepare himself to take charge after the death of his father Hafez al-Assad. He was trained at the Military Academy in Homs. In 1998, Bashar established himself as a trusted member of the Ba’ath Party. He was able to remove most of the corrupt stooges (such as Abdul Khaddam and company) who served under his father. Those stooges are now armed and financed by the US and its allies against the Syrian people. In 2000 Bashar al-Assad was appointed as leader of the Ba’ath Party and 'elected' as President unopposed.