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Egypt’s Post-Mubarak Evolution Challenges America’s Hegemonic Ambitions in the Middle East
By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Leverett
Inside story via
Wednesday, Jul 18, 2012

We share above a panel discussion Hillary Mann Leverett participated in yesterday on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story on the U.S.-Egyptian relationship and Secretary Clinton’s recent visit to Egypt.  The discussion may be viewed by clicking on the video frame above or through the link here.  Egypt’s future trajectory is critical to the strategic balance in the Middle East—and, thus, to both the United States and the Islamic Republic.  The discussion suggests that Egypt’s post-Mubarak evolution is likely to be quite problematic for the United States—and, therefore, a strategic gain for Tehran and others who seek to push back against Washington’s hegemonic ambitions in the region. (

Source: Inside Story