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Joseph comments on Cuban report: "Truth and Reason"
By Joseph, Axis of Logic Reader
Axis of Logic
Friday, Aug 3, 2012

Axis of Logic Reader, Joseph, wrote the following comment on our featured article, Truth and reason, by the Cuban Ministry of the Interior:

How refreshing to receive an in-depth analysis on the subversive activities directed at the Cuban people. Straight-forth without sensation. Right-Wing extremism in the name of a Christian god continues to be anathema to the many wishing to live freely in the world; as it (poorly) attempts to elevate its agenda fueling Muslim-bashing rhetoric.

To the author: Unfortunately you are quite accurate in your assessment: the U.S. is actively pursuing a false-flag operation to invade you, as has been our history. I'm confident we U.S. citizens are on the brink of removing those who would do you harm. Until then, keep up the excellent posting that informs with facts versus propaganda.