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US: 4 Shooters in the Attack on the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin
By Les Blough, Editor. Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Monday, Aug 6, 2012

There is some conflict and confusion among the details reported in the corporate media about the Sikh temple shooting which occurred at 4:50 p.m. on Sunday, August 5, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. This morning we reported that the attack was executed by one man, based on corporate media reports. Later today AP reported (video below) an eye witness report from a member of the temple who said there were "four white males, dressed darkly, with all black clothing, came in and opened fire on our congregation..."

This evening AFP reported, "Investigators also released a picture of a second man -- who was white, with short brown hair and a muscular build -- who they described as a 'person of interest' and who raised suspicions when he joined crowds viewing the police cordon outside the temple on Sunday." AFP also reported the statement of an FBI agent, "We are looking at ties to white supremacist groups ... No law enforcement agency had any reason to believe he was plotting anything."

This morning Reuters reported:

"The gunman who killed six worshipers at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin was identified as a 40-year-old U.S. Army veteran and authorities said they were investigating possible links to white supremacist groups and his membership in skinhead rock bands ... The assailant, shot dead by police at the scene on Sunday, was identified as Wade Michael Page. He served as a soldier in the Army from 1992 to 1998, said police chief John Edwards in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek where the 400-member temple is located."

Reuters and other corporate media immediately followed their reports on the attack, calling it "an act of domestic terrorism" and made references to the need for gun control in the U.S.

In their video report, The Guardian (UK) reported that the shooting "leaves seven people dead. Four people were shot inside the building and 3 outside, including the gunman." Then they reported an eye witness account reporting "multiple gunmen."

"One of the wounded men said that an unknown number of gunmen walked into the kitchen of the Sikh Temple and opened fire. The man who said his father who had been wounded reported that there had been multiple gunmen. Those who had been inside the building at the time of the attack described it as a very coordinated thing. :

"At a press conference held outside the temple on Sunday, Oak Creek police chief John Edwards said the "heroic actions" of the two officers "stopped this from being worse than it could have been", noting that many people had gathered for worship at the time of the attack...

"CNN reported that two handguns were recovered by forensic experts at the scene. But initial fears that the gunman may have had an accomplice appear to be unfounded. There are often reports of multiple gunmen at incidents of mass shootings, because of the confusion, large number of witnesses and different perspectives. Police said sweeps of the temple and the surrounding area suggested that the shooting was the act of a lone killer...

"Bradley Wentlandt, police chief of the nearby town of Greenfield, confirmed later that there was only one suspect. 'There is no evidence of additional shooters at the temple'.

"The incident in Wisconsin comes just 16 days after 12 people were killed and nearly 60 injured in a mass shooting at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises."

Apparently, Police Chief Wentlandt does not consider eye witness testimony to be "evidence of additional shooters." After giving blanket coverage throughout the world that a lone gunman carried out the attack, with heavy emphasis on "white supremacist groups" and "skinheads," the corporate media began to offer eye witness reports of multiple gunmen. Alex Jones (Prison Planet), known for rather sensationalist reporting is already raising questions about the possibility of a "false flag operation." While nothing would surprise us, there is no evidence of this and it's far too early to know exactly who was behind this attack and what their motives might have been.

AP released the first video shown below in which one witness at the scene said that there were at least 4 shooters, dressed in black, who killed the 6 members of the Sikh temple and wounded others, some critically. In the second video, the witness states his wounded father reported to him that there were "multiple shooters, multiple people, it was a very well-coordinated thing, it wasn't haphazard..."

(Note the Reader Comments on YouTube below the videos) 

- Les Blough, Axis of Logic.

Additional Note: There was a huge outpouring of viewer comments to the first video shown above. We think it's interesting to read what they have to say. The following excerpts are a fair representation of the comments (copied and unedited). - LMB

The fake lone shooter - 'Wade Michael Page' was an E4 psychological ops specialist at Fort Bragg. He most probably was involved in this program to kill these people. Most probably the 4 shooters didn't know much. They were dropped off, blindfolded on route. Maybe they even thought they were on a mission in Syria?! They were told go in and shoot these terrorists. Then they were taken back to base. Mr Bragg knew too much so was killed and framed as the lone shooter. BRING DOWN THE FBI NOW

That is exactly what this is, plain and simple. People MUST NOT believe the BS coming from the media or the gov't. They want us disarmed BC they know a collapse is coming.. TURN THE LYING MEDIA BS OFF. All of them are treasonous traitors and satanic scum. YOU WILL NOT GET OUR GUNS, you CAN BET ON THAT

If they were seen by the same shrink, maybe their 'uncommonly used' words they set up as triggers have been released by some other means. The timing with proposed international gun laws makes it official in my book.

Just had to add this. No self respecting skinhead would be without a swastika tattoo. I hear Hitler's portrait tattoos are in this year. What a bunch of loons, pawns in the game. Big brother wants to keep the white and the black, rich and poor at each others throats while the globalist steal the whole country out from under us. We need to pray to God that the powers that be become the powers that was. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

If we do a tally on shootings shooters and the final verdict, you will find that 100% of them have some official lies that get the majority of media push. Take Oklahoma City bombing,,, clearly an inside job by feds which framed him or they were working with ole Timmy.

This is just so obvious, it just seems like they don't give a shit any more, they are going about their business with impunity and if anyone does not believe the official story they know we will be called conspiracy nuts. Who'd have thought.

Yes. To the FBI 4 shooters equals one "white supremacist." It's all designed to outrage the public and now a public in another country. I hope the FBI listen to the woman at the end of this video. THEY HAVE NO FEELINGS!

The (lone) gunmans name is Wade Michael Page. What was it Mel Gibson's character said in Conspiracy Theory, serial killers are always identified with 2 names, assassins always have 3. This guy worked in the psych-ops department in the military. I wonder if any one psyched him while he was there? How convenient to have another lunatic with a gun when the libs are screaming for disarmament of the citizenry. Could this be Manchurian candidate # 2?

Wow, another false flag op to get our guns. When is it going to stop?

This is NOT spam
"whose goal is to undermine the 2nd Amendment and disarm the public. .." you do see clearly.

the zionist media doing it's thing.

Does anyone trust the media or the government anymore?

The Sikhs are such nice people... They carry swords just like all Americans have a duty to be armed. This is terrible. I hope we all have the minds to understand who is doing this and what is being done to all of us. My prayers are with all my fellow Americans.

Whether this is staged or not. Fact is, the MSM will exploit it to bolster its manufactured narrative whose goal is to undermine the 2nd Amendment and disarm the public. NOW ASK YOURSELF, WHY WOULD YOUR LEADERS WANT TO DISMARM YOU? YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE A FOOL NOT TO SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL. THE ZIONIST NWO IS REAL AND IN CONTROL AND THEY ARE NOT MESSING AROUND. I SUGGEST YOU GET ORGANIZED AND PREPARE YOURSELVES. TIME IS RUNNING OUT

This is Obama's continued Fast and Furious plan to back up his plan to disarm Americans. They cannot fulfill their plans for us as long as we are armed. This smells bad. The guy that is accused of the CO shooting was set up and there is way too much evidence to indicate he was set up. A photo of the guy arrested and the guy accused are clearly two different people. Totally different nose on each guy. Our government has done this before and has tried to do this type of stuff for years.

This was a Staged event carried out by the government, so that they can gain people's support to get the weapons access to public banned in US (Second Amendment), This video clearly shows this was a planned attack, Not a hate crime.

jews can claim that there are a bunch of "angry White Supremacists" out there "looking to kill non Whites" in "cold blood" for "no reason at all". That way, when a White man (or two) has finally had enough from the jews and pulls off a legitimate "lone gunman" act against some ("chosen") people who actually deserve it, they can just lump him in with all of the other "crazy White Supremacists" who "act out against innocent minorities" for "no reason at all".

Obama and his financiers do Not know how to find any sick plea to confiscate Americans's guns, so they need More shootings and MASSACRES. Those shooters are Not Islamic terrorists because Obama wants to convince Americans about surrendering all their weapons.

And then they could sell them to Americans Once again like drugs under any pretext Or even new laws. The important matter is how to protect the wealth and security of the 1% who have been so worried about the awakening of armed Americans.

Don't know, but according to the crystallizing 'official story', 40 y/o Wade Page (another "White Lone Gunman") was a retired Vet - And guess what his MOS was? 37-F: PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS! Army PSYCHIATRIST Nidal M. Hasan, Fort Hood shooter, 2nd gunman also reported & APPREHENDED. James Holmes was being 'treated' by Dr Lynne Fenton, formerly a PSYCHIATRIST for the U.S.A.F., also a 2nd 2nd shooter and/or accomplice initially reported And don't forget about Columbine- Psyops Everywhere!

the argument for multiple shooter is based on one guy testimony and all the other congregation all reported seeing only one this id not a conspiracy and people need to stop jumping up and making wild accusations with no real proof of evidence

When the 'scene' is forensically examined, the shells should identify the difference in these & quantify the NUMBER of guns used.... unless the 'injured/deceased shooter' was carrying all 4 other weapons beyond the initial police officer - hit multiple times. It will be interesting to see how may slugs are from a single gun & how this compares to ALL of the casings found.

in indiana we have had 2 shootings since the colorado shooting. both of them involved a police officer being shot. neither of these have made much of a splash in terms of mainstream media. but with colorado and now this shooting it's all you here about. seems rather obvious which shootings are staged. they are the ones with all the media coverage.

Note to self: To avoid staged government sponsored false flag killings, avoid theaters, churches, Mexico border, airlines, NYC, Waco Texas, Ruby Ridge Idaho, and Federal Buildings in Oklahoma City.

Make as many copies of this video as you can, because this Sikh church member says there were 4 shooters that entered that temple dressed in black. One shooter might have been put down as the patsy but this was no lone wolf. These shooters were trained and the testiment of that is the veteran cop in ICU. I smell CIA, false flag, freedom restrictive legislation (FRL), on the menu.

Spot on! Its too restrict now, but once you let the restriction happen, its all over for the people of the US and the free world! Automatics and Semi autos today, single shot pistols tomorrow, UN foreign troops conducting Marshall Law the day after and the people rounded up by the weekend.
Thats how quick your country will decline the moment they remove your right to bare arms. To the American people everytime a shooting happens, make it your duty to buy another gun. They will get the picture!

I think he might have been in shock still maybe confused with his words. Listen to it a few times. Either way it was staged. They don't care that we know. So they murder us for other reasons to make new laws. Like banning gun ownership. It's already in the works.


The cop was a 20 year veteran in tactical operations, and the official story is that the shooter(s) were wearing tactical outfits? Go figure.... where are all these tactical outfits coming from? You can't exactly go down to the local store and get one can you? Instead of gun control maybe the government should start thinking about preventing these people for obtaining tactical outfits. The whole mass shooting think stinks like poo to me.

This is a typical tactic to cause ferment between religious groups. A simple divide and conquer technique. They [Nato] use this same tactic in Iraq and many middle east counties, escalating violence, attacking churches and killing peaceful people in order to stir up trouble for the justification of security to maintain a security force in order to allow corporations control of regions and resources. British soldiers got caught trying to stage a false flag shooting in Iraq,dressing up as Arabs.

Sending Prayers because Sikhs are some of the most gentle people on the earth ..Now most of us know who did this..and we know how this game rolls and how the media and government will change the story...just send some love to the families and hope our government gets caught this time committing a False Flag