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Lance Armstrong
By Michael Mazmanian. Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Feb 7, 2013

What we need to do

The United States was founded on a double-cross
don't see how it should come as a surprise
Lance saw the rules as such
and we sit and ponder... why?
all the tribes cried
as our forefathers spread the lie
a revolution it was named
but pain was its middle name
hoodwinked and shammed
beneath sacrificial lambs
sewage is what trickles down here
crisis emerged from inner fear
what's it gonna take to set it straight?
not shame, not names, not even hate
if loving your neighbor means your enemy too
reason's telling me clear what it is that we need to do

Michael Mazmanian (Maz) is a master percussionist who traveled, studied music and practiced it internationally. his universal home is DUBSHIP, hosted by Sound Cloud. On his site Maz writes,

You have entered into the Dubship. A bond forged long ago in the primordial soup, In Dub we Trust.
Voyage to worlds before unseen....
Where Isn'tiz, where you won't even want what you need ..... visible now only because the lens of the telescope has been wiped clean. A world where Guitar gods and Flute Avatars battle for punctuality, the Universal Eye lets you in on the fact you've been stuffed into a box of color-coated ignore-mints and the Dubliminal message is forced in to the firelight. Where sucka MC's who whine about Gucci bags find no silver lining. Where you dont have to wake to see the shun-chimes. Where escaping your fate is as easy as following your own destiny and all your drinks are free, Y'know we're living in a soluble society. Remember an eye for an eye may leave the whole world blind, but at least it leaves 'em harkening.
The story continues...... There is no reason to close the chapter. Keep y'self modulated... The road is long and hot, the shade spares no one.

Go to Maz' "Dubship" to hear his music and read his lyrics. Among my favorites are:

"Get in Dub" ...

there are sounds all around
the rhythm sustains
out of silence
it's born
does it's dance
and then it dies

and ...

DUBUNITY - Universaleye accompanies Dick Gregory

and ... many more at DUBSHIP

"Maz" is a longtime friend of mine and a close mate of my late son, Hans Garrett Blough. The two young men attended high school together in Boston, MA and live in each others' hearts for eternity.

- Les Blough, Editor