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Venerable Verse
Existence and Nonexistence
By Tathāgata
Journey to the West
Tuesday, Jun 18, 2013

The existent in the nonexistent;
The nonexistent in the non-nonexistent;
The form in the formlessness;
The emptiness in the nonemptiness.
For the nonexistent is the existent.
And the non-nonexistent is the nonexistent.
Formlessness is verily form;
Nonemptiness is verily emptiness.
Emptiness is indeed emptiness;
Form is indeed form.
Form has no fixed form;
Thus form is emptiness.
Emptiness has no fixed emptiness;
Thus emptiness is form.
The knowledge of emptiness is not emptiness;
The knowledge of form is not form.
When names and action mutually illuminate.
Then one has reached the wondrous sound.

- A discourse by Tathāgata
from Journey to the West
Vol. III, Ch. 58, p. 129