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Axis Reader, Le Cochon Bleu comments on future of Edward Snowden
By Le Cochon Bleu
Axis of Logic
Monday, Jul 8, 2013

Le Cochon Bleu's comment is this week's Choice Reader Comment on Axis of Logic, responding to our article:

Le Cochon Bleu

The article considers the points well. One interesting / funny thought (but not humorous, funny: strange, provocative and unpleasant) is the irony that Mr Snowden himself has brought out that politicians involved will not know how to secretly deal with the issue.

It looks most likely that Mr Snowden is going to seek asylum in Latin American. The Russians don't seem to want to give him over the the USA, and would probably try to arrange a safe passage as far as they could when if an asylum position has been made certain. If the United States's apparatchiks in Western Europe try to make that impossible, I think Russia would probably try to get around it.

First of all, Mr Snowden is going, Mr Snowden would probably receive a valid refugee travel document from his country of destination. If this were not possible, Russia would probably make one instead, allowing Mr Snowden to travel via that. If it happens that he can't travel by going west, but must fly east and across the pacific, Russia would probably validate a refugee applicant travel document to allow Mr Snowden to travel within political Russian soil, perhaps to Vladivostok.

I wonder how Russia and the selected Latin American country arrange this without American knowledge. The diplomatic versions of Skype and personal email are probably picked up by the NSA, and offices bugged.

If Mr Snowden ends up going east via Russia and the Pacific, things would probably be OK. But going west, and they have a lot to worry about, including who is listening in.

Source: Axis of Logic