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Shara Bingham Mills comments on President Nicolás Maduro's Letter to Obama
By Shara Bingham Mills
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Sep 12, 2013

Okay, Christians that know their material, often feel a brotherhood with the Jews. They believe that two of the twelve tribes ( ?) came over the Caucasus Mountains- hence our world of caucasian race of most of Europe. Just because some time has passed, Christians and Jews have the same Father, hence, Christians that get a little excited can often be found associating themselves with the Jewish people.

I am an original American Mutt. I have a permanent ring around my neck that always makes me look like I haven't washed for a while. I thank my Cajun and Coonass roots for that, I have a plethora of races I can pull from to use for a particularly effective defense to my behavior all the time. Sometimes, I am an angry black Jewish woman. My family sees me go into that mode and they get the hell out of my way.

Why can't we just except that the leaders of the world are weary of the Banksters Wars. We have been watching war on our TV or sending our boys to get shot to hell for 50 years now. Not one has seemed to settle anything but kill 90% innocents compared to maybe 10% people that they think they killed on purpose. The guilt and consequences will last way longer than anyone reading this will have to bare.

I think that Putin deserves a Nobel Peace Prize if he can pull this off. I'm sick of this government. We got a reasonable plan that could have easily been turned into reality except that US , U.K., France and Israel have ulterior motives and they are jacking us around while the world watches. They are to old to realize I guess that they are just as transparent as they have made the people of the United States by way of the NSA. I think that the longer they wait to exit, those deaths by militants our on our heads.

We can't figure out who all the trouble makers are if half the populace is just trying to protect themselves.

Investigative journalism has finally gotten off their asses and everyone has a camera phone so in effect, has turned us all into roving reporters. We have 24/7 news sources. We are much better informed than our government would like us to be. It makes it damn hard to pull off crap while we are watching them like a hawk.

We want you Kerry and Kindred, to back the fuck up. Just go back to base. No threats of violence. Right out of the pen, you have been all fired up to to blast this city to hell. You can't anymore. The defense department sure is starting to look like a fat old behemoth that had it's time in our history but It's time over. Especially the way that it has been run. Our kids are being raped in the service to this country and the generals are protecting them.

Tell me the difference between that and the Catholic Church with their priests buggering children and covering that up. Not much huh?

Right now, I'm Choctaw and Cherokee. That means I have two tribes under the umbrella of American Indian. Easy to understand right? Now imagine we are in the Middle East. They have tribes that are still fighting from thousands of years ago. Americans wanted to impress the whole world into a nice uniform package with the same ideals and character until we all turned beige and painted our walls white.

We would always listen to daddy because he knew best. Them they sold us to the big corporations, made us like slaves with a credit system and when they ran out of money to prop it all up, they raided our savings accounts.

Now they need to go after other countries banking systems, especially the countries that OWN their own banks. They need gold. There is a financial Armageddon that Bernanke, et al, has been helping to keep from the average Jane and Joe. They haven't noticed that we are doing shit like this and helping other countries do the same thing. France, I'm talking to you.

Americans are stupid. because they can't talk about a subject with clarity or facts in 60 second sound bites. They have the mentality of looky loos passing an accident on the highway. They don't see the news as the real reality show. And that is what your government is relying on. They don't want you to be able to see the big picture while they print money like Bugsy Malone with a printing press in the basement.

Everything looks survivable, almost normal in this country compared to the rest of the world, which they know nothing about. So, hey. lets get over small semantics from a guy that right now is asking for peace. I don't care what religion he is because it has no baring on what our own government and the men and their motivations for not just saying, okay, sure we can do that. All they have to do is make a phone call to some commanders hanging out on war ships outside of Syria to have it over with..They are making it into a big deal and dragging their heals because they want to act like pirates.

- Shara Bingham Mills
Axis of Logic Reader