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Changing Nicaragua's Electrical System. Interview with Minister Emilio Rappaccioli
By Dick Emanuelsson. Subtitles by toni solo
Tortilla con Sal
Sunday, Oct 13, 2013

Editor's Note: This video produced by our colleagues at Tortilla con Sal in Nicaragua tells of the creative thinking on the part of the Ortega government, producing 95% of their electricity from renewable resources. Emilio Rappaccioli, Nicaragua's Energy Minister also provides an interesting, detailed review of Nicaragua's offshore petroleum exploration in the Atlantic & Pacific and the nation's policies and production in the mining sector. In addition, he explains how Latin American countries are now working in close cooperation to support one another in concrete terms for their mutual benefit. (Be sure to click on the "CC" to open the English subtitles)

- Axis of Logic

Source: Tortilla con Sal