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Axis Reader, Bea W. comments on media coverage of the Winter Olympics
By Bea W.
Axis of Logic
Monday, Feb 10, 2014

Our selection for Reader's Comment of the Week today comes from Bea W. She responds to our article on the Winter Olympics at Soche:
Axis Reader Bea W writes:

I love the Olympics and all the news is so negative. We have our team there - strong and how do you think that it makes them feel.

Every comment including Matt, Bob, Anderson Cooper has so much negativity towards Russia/Putin yet at the same time medals are being giving with incredible performances. The 15 year old ice skater is so beautiful to watch. We are not even showing the Silver and Bronze winners. I am so disappointed in the U.S., NBC for this Olympics. Who cares about empty seats and the number of Russian medals won depends on the success of the games. (CBS this morning show). How sad it is for the Winter Olympics, all the teams, and Russia. They are great- the team is upbeat. No body gave Greece this much negativity and they were not even ready.

Where is the Power of Living in The Now - thank heavens one of Gold Medal winners know. All of this shows us that the News is negative and they decide how to present it. Love the games, the coverage of them from other broadcasters but those that think they know it all is BS.

Support the US Team for once and the Winter Olympics. Show all the winners - they ALL WORKED VERY HARD TO GET THERE.