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Choice Reader Comment
"Lie Buster" replies to "Jimmy Bonds."
By Lie Buster
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Apr 9, 2014

"Lie Buster" gets Axis of Logic's Choice Reader Comment Award this week for his reply to "Jimmy Bonds." These were comments responding to this featured article on Axis of Logic:

Jimmy Bonds wrote in opposition to the activists in 3 regions of East Ukraine who seek autonomy and membership in the Russian Federation (relevant excerpt):

I support Ukraine's civil war. I think it is the best way to bring Putin's spies out into the open, to arrest them, and lock them away for 10 years. Forever would be too harsh for most, but exceptions can always be made.

There can be no secession. If one area gets it, others will follow, it will never stop and before everyone in Ukraine knows it, they'll be slaves of the Kremlin once more.

Lie Buster replies to Jimmy:

Every hypocrite weighing in on the Ukraine situation unanimously omit the fact that Obama, who cannot accommodate veterans sleeping in the street, took 5 billion dollars from the poor taxpayers of the USA and earmarked it specifically to fund the gangster-style overthrow of a democratically-elected government.

The USA also infiltrated with Blackwater mercenaries and snipers to do a whole lot of murder of both protesters AND police, specifically aimed at blaming it on Yanokovich. It backfired and now the world knows the facts. Another thing hypocrites cannot stomach: using one yardstick of justice and applying it to all.

I LOVE secessions, but only when applied around the block: Hawaii, Scotland, Falkland Islands, Corsica, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, et al. Conversely, since secession is not your thing, then surely you opposed the USA's secession from Britain ... am I right?

You mention something about "Putin's spies." Fair enough. However, would you refer to all the USA spies crawling all over the Ukraine and every nook & cranny of the entire world as "Obama's spies?" Should all of "Obama's spies" also be arrested and locked away for 10 years as you suggest for "Putin's spies?" Just asking ....

Oh, by the way, one other thing - Russia IS NOT the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was extremely anti-Russian and extremely genocidal and extremely greedy. Most of them have moved on to Israel with their looted wealth and to the USA to complete its demise.