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Pekay comments on "Modi and the criminalization of Indian politics"
By Choice Reader Comment
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014

We posted the article Modi and the criminalization of Indian politics, written by Asad Ismi, regarding the new government in India. There have been a number of negative comments, mostly unsupported by any cogent argument or counteracting narrative.

Reader Pekay has written a thoughtful response, one that seems to ring with truth and, in the Editor's opinion, coincides with the India we see today.

- prh, Editor
Axis of Logic

In Pekay's words (minor corrections for spelling/grammar):
The riots in Gujerat were inspired by religious hatred, and Indians are a nation of people who are easily persuaded to kill or maim by any calculated or imagined threat to Hindu nationalism. The sad thing though is that even after well documented atrocities by the British Raj over the 200 years that they made Indians slaves of the commonwealth, raped the wealth of the nation, massacred Indians in quite brutal fashion in several incidents, the Indians continue to worship their white skinned slave masters, and to emulate their evil ways once Independence was granted. The English had a policy of divide and rule, pitting Indian against Indian, Hindus against Muslims, etc, that Gandhi was well aware of and had hoped to address, to get rid of all the divide between Indians. There is no hatred of the English, but lots of hatred for their own kith and kin.

So any commentary from Indians like Rahul Kumar must be assessed against the degree to which they are able to provide evidence of their disassociation from their past English slave owners, their efforts to remove the horrible class distinctions in India, and their acknowledgement that religious hatred is easily flamed in India, and honest acknowledgement Modi is indeed a murderer for the crisis that occurred in Gujerat. The Indian educated masses have no right to talk about balanced or neutral, etc., because they have no moral grounds or standards of decent and acceptable human behaviors.

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