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Transatlantic Free-Trade Agreement (TAFTA/TTIP) - Lori Wallach and Natacha Cingotti - Attac Summer University 2014
By Lori Wallach and Natacha Cingotti
Sunday, Oct 19, 2014

This interview was made during the European Summer University in Paris in 2014 initiated by the Attac network.

Natacha Cingotti is a campaigner in the environmental NGO "Friends of the Earth Europe" in Brussels. Lori Wallach is the director of
Citizen's Global Trade Watch, Protecting Health, Safety and Democracy.

Traité transatlantique (TAFTA/TTIP) - Lori Wallach & Natacha Cingotti - Université européenne d'Attac 2014, by attactv